【Dande’s melody 】My cousin’s cousin who can’t talk to any other man, I’m going to take care of him for the rest of his life”, I propose to him and have lots of sex with him.

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Title:My cousin’s cousin who can’t talk to any other man, I’m going to take care of him for the rest of his life", I propose to him and have lots of sex with him.

Maker:Dande’s melody

Release date:2021/03/02
Genre:allhappy\r\n, tits\r\n, Binaural/Damihe\r\n, person(usu.female)withanunhealthyobsession(hasaconnotationofmentalinstability)\r\n, intravaginal(anal, etc.)ejaculation\r\n, earlicking\r\n, whispering\r\n, Bigtits/bigtits\r\n

I have nothing but confidence in myself. !!!!!!!

いとここんぷれっくす ~あなた以外の男とはまともに喋れないひきこもりいとこに「俺が一生養ってやるよ」ってプロポーズしてたくさんエッチしちゃう音声~ [ダンデりおん]

That’s how confident I am in my work!

I am confident that you will not regret it.

Because it’s so sexy!

Yuri" (CV: Yuuka Hyuga-Aoi)

いとここんぷれっくす ~あなた以外の男とはまともに喋れないひきこもりいとこに「俺が一生養ってやるよ」ってプロポーズしてたくさんエッチしちゃう音声~ [ダンデりおん]

A younger, withdrawn cousin who can’t speak properly with any man but you.

Her tits are so big!

She usually hides her bangs and acts like a simple girl, but she’s really cute and has a sexy body. And you’re the only guy who knows it….

Get into your sexuality: !!!!

いとここんぷれっくす ~あなた以外の男とはまともに喋れないひきこもりいとこに「俺が一生養ってやるよ」ってプロポーズしてたくさんエッチしちゃう音声~ [ダンデりおん]

To my younger, prettier, withdrawn cousin.

Don’t worry! I’ll take care of you for the rest of your life!

I wanted to create a voice that would affirm that.

Then it became a voice that only had sex all the time.

I’m very sorry.

But I have no regrets. !!!!!

Special Points & Track List

いとここんぷれっくす ~あなた以外の男とはまともに喋れないひきこもりいとこに「俺が一生養ってやるよ」ってプロポーズしてたくさんエッチしちゃう音声~ [ダンデりおん]

truck listener

Propose Suddenly (28:27)

(tongue kissing, titty torture, normal position, ejaculation while tongue kissing)

You’ve come to see your younger cousin, who’s been living in seclusion.

To propose or not to propose?

2.Cuckolded by a penis! (13min33sec)

(ear licking, cowgirl, ejaculation while being whispered to in close cowgirl position)

Who do you like better, you or your penis?

A sex cousin that will make you love cock.

3. Please give me a boob job‥‥(14min23sec)

(ear licking, nursing, ejaculation while being whispered to in a face-to-face sitting position)

Your wife’s tits are her sex zone.

If she squirts her tits, she’ll know you’re the best.

4. position reversal? (20 minutes 17 seconds)

(For M, tongue kissing, being used as a toy, being blamed in a face-to-face sitting position, ejaculating while being fucked in the mouth with tongue kissing)

Your younger cousin, who likes you too much, decides to empty your haphazardly.

Give up and let yourself be raped.

The only people who can mess up are the ones who are ready to be messed up!

5. you can still get it out, right? (19 minutes 12 seconds)

(Ear licking countdown, high-speed licking time, fantasy storytelling, close face-to-face sitting position, and ear licking heaven all the way through ejaculation)

Let your whole body be squeezed tightly and be loved all the time.

That’s what getting married is all about.

That’s what it means to love!

“During the total playing time of about 95 minutes, the tracks are connected all the time except for the introduction of each track. !!!!!!

This is what I’ve been focusing on: !!!! long vowel mark (usually only used in katakana)

All the songs are recorded in studio by KU100 in full binaural audio!

Whenever possible, I wrote in the script to specify the position during sex as “close to the ear.

At the time of ejaculation, I want to be whispered in the ear, tongue kissed, or ear licked! I’m sure you’ll have the best ejaculation ever!

If you can hear the voice of Yohkoh Aoi Shuka, the one that attacks your crotch directly, in your ear, that alone is unbearable, plus enjoy the sake forest of naughty moans, naughty lines and naughty ear licks of your cute younger cousin who can only talk to you!

It’s a work of 2000% sex!

You won’t regret it. !!!!!!

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File format

WAV & MP3 included

No sound effect ver.

Reverse ver

This is a binaural recording using a Neumann KU100.

We recommend that you use earphones or headphones.

○ Credit


Illustration: ・・・・・・ Utage. Illustration

Logo: ・・・・・・ for Pot-au-feu Design

Planning and scriptwriting: ・・・・・・ GaiaRXX

Edited by ・・・・・・ Mr. Nissy

Sound Effects ・・・・・・ by Bob the Mutant Turtleneck

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