【Peach Fox’s Perverted Training Assignment】A game where you can shake your cock to the tune of mochi-puniman’s forced pac-pac-pac sex – Momofox’s FapHero type ejaculation management ona support voice

[Ranking]24 Hours:#4, 7 Days:#39
Title:A game where you can shake your cock to the tune of mochi-puniman’s forced pac-pac-pac sex – Momofox’s FapHero type ejaculation management ona support voice
Maker:Peach Fox’s Perverted Training Assignment
Release date:2021/04/28
Genre:ASMR, Lolita, pnu, SM, training, Shame/Humiliation, ReverseRape, animalears

FapHero x Onasupport voice! The time has come for video-linked ejaculation management!

There is a method of masturbation called “FapHero" mainly in some overseas circles.

It’s about rubbing your hips to the rhythm of the music or the hips and hand jobs in adult movies.

This time, I tried to use FapHero and masturbation voice.
This is a video of Peach Fox raping you and forcing you to shimmy along with her hip shaking!
The pace and rhythm is at the mercy of Momofox-chan…no ejaculation allowed and she bullies your cock to death!

It’s also an onasupport voice, so Momofox-chan will verbally torture you during play!
This time, there are a lot of thoroughly abusive and derogatory lines!

We’ll not only break your cock, but your heart as well!

The crucial ejaculation management level is, as usual, extremely difficult.

At first, it’s a very slow-paced, forced scramble.

The second half of the film torments you with masturbation at a pace that is quite uncomfortable.

The video is about 1 hour and 20 minutes long!
It consists of tutorial – main story (5 stages) – ending (2 types) – punishment game.
The total number of shikoshi is about 10,000 times (main story: about 6,000 shikoshi – punishment game: about 4,500 shikoshi).
Punishment game for peeing before ejaculation is allowed! The content of the punishment is a secret.
This is a great way to make sure you get the most out of your time with us.
(At the end, a countdown will give you permission to ejaculate. That is, if you can get there.)

The gimmicks such as sound-game-like BGM, notes display, and erotic sound effects are used to make the game more exciting.
The rhythm of the shiko shiko can also be taken by the panting sound (the sound of hips colliding with hips), so you can use it like an audio work to receive masturbation support while watching other adult content. Please enjoy it in the way that suits you best.
Since this is a video work, you can also watch it on your smartphone. Enjoy your masturbation life anytime and anywhere.

[Features for each stage].
Peach Fox-chan will explain the rules. In addition, she will make your penis erect.
You’ll hear the sound of Peach Fox-chan moaning while she’s having a good time with a very thick cock (different from yours).
You will be made to cum miserably while being reminded that your cock will never be able to satisfy Momofox-chan.

(If you already have an erection and want to cum right away, you can start masturbation support from the main story.)

★Suteji1(12min2sec, average masturbation pace: 1-15 shanks per second, total shanks: about 930)
While being congratulated for graduating from virginity, he is made to say embarrassing lines and made fun of.
Your hips are still swinging slowly at this point, but Momofox-chan has anticipated that your cock will lose after this.
She will make you practice declaring defeat and make you realize that you can’t win.

★Steategy 2 (10 minutes, 12 seconds, average masturbation pace: 2 shanks per second, total shanks: about 1,240)
Peach Fox-chan will make fun of your looks, your circumstances, and your whole life.
You will be thoroughly instilled with the idea that you are miserable and pathetic, and told that you are worthless.
The pace of your hip shaking will gradually increase.

★Steategy 3 (10 minutes 54 seconds, average masturbation pace: 25 shanks per second, total shanks: about 1,630)
Peach Fox-chan mocks your sexuality (pervert & pedophile).
You will be asked a lot of questions about the girl you like, and you will be forced to say it out loud.
You are forced to say what you like about the girl you like, while being accused of being creepy.

★Steategy 4 (8 minutes 41 seconds, average masturbation pace: 3 strains per second, total strains: about 1,550)

It’s a tough and cruel reality, and it’s going to push your heart to the limit (you’ll have to listen to the full story for more details).
The speed of the waist swing is also high. It’s a cruel training that will make you pee your pants and punish your mind as well as your penis.

Final Stage (6 minutes 55 seconds, average masturbation pace: 35 to 4 shakes per second, total shakes: about 1,500 times)
“You’ve been mocked so much, and you still want to be trained? Do you not understand a word I’m saying?

We are bombarded with simple curses and mockery that even a monkey could understand, and then folded up in surround sound.

During the countdown, we even have a trap that will prevent you from clearing your training.

★Endings (2 for 3 minutes and 49 seconds)
Two choices (A-end, B-end) will appear in the final stage.
Watch the video of the ending according to the choice you took.
Peach Fox-chan will give you the final training according to your choice. The content is secret.

★Punishment Game(17min 26sec, Masturbation Pace Average: Secret, Total Squeaking: About 4,500 times)
You will be forced to masturbate with Momofox-chan, using your penis as a dildo.
The best way to make Momofox-chan feel good even with your small fry cock is to slap it around super fast.
She is forced to masturbate for a long time at a level of speed that her hands can never keep up with, and she is forced to ejaculate many times in succession.

Original image by Matcha
Logo: Mr. Kagamizaki
Sound: Mr. Yufu Hanamigawa
Script by Kanpanyu
SE: Mr. Nota no Mori
Planning/Editing: Momofox


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