【Maikari no Yatai】Selfish VS! Again♪ Dojo-sama version

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Title:Selfish VS! Again♪ Dojo-sama version
Maker:Maikari no Yatai
Release date:2021/02/05
Genre:Cuckoldry, Oneshota, Maleacceptance, Hypnosis, depravity, Brainwashing

Now I’m going to curl up in front of you, No. 2

Ichi-go-chan has been completely trained into a pet by Dojo-sama.

Now, to his surprise, he gets mixed up in front of his girlfriend.

And the hero of justice is caught on video in a disgraceful state.

However, it’s not like he’s going to be able to fight back with cover fire!

What will happen to the heroes?

This time, a CG collection with a camera-like frame is included as an extra.
The usual mini CG collection with no text is also included, making the extras even more substantial!

Full color manga
20 pages (including cover) + 18 pages without text + 7 pages with camera frame + 19 pages of mini CG collection
File format JPEG


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