【The Pleasures of Sleeping 】I tried to make her climax again and again and make her fall in love with me.

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Title:I tried to make her climax again and again and make her fall in love with me.

Maker:The Pleasures of Sleeping

Release date:2021/02/22
Genre:continuousclimax\r\n, Binaural/Damihe\r\n, gal\r\n, Love/Love/Amaa\r\n, Prostitution/enjoyment\r\n, “stealinganotherswife(husband, lover)whilesleeping\r\n", earlicking\r\n

生意気ギャルと援交~なんども絶頂させて快楽堕ちさせてみた~【寝取り系いちゃラブ作品】 [寝とりの快楽]

Don’t worry, the volume is turned down in the trial version, but it is turned up in the full version.

Chapter 2 will be a short mono track of conversation/play with your boyfriend.

From the middle of the second chapter, the heroine’s attitude toward her boyfriend changes and she begins to fall in love with you.

The tracks for you, the listener in chapters 1, 3, and 4 are all binaural audio.

As the chapter progresses, it becomes more and more corrupt.

This is a work in which the listener sleeps.

Please enjoy the flirtatious development with the heroine, which is a reversal of her cocky attitude in the beginning!

It’s only a cuckold audio work.

Please be careful if you want to listen mainly to ear licking and whispering.

Please don’t get your hopes up, because the cursing is just for the gap to the love-making development in the second half.

The SE sound may be a little louder this time. Sorry about that.

生意気ギャルと援交~なんども絶頂させて快楽堕ちさせてみた~【寝取り系いちゃラブ作品】 [寝とりの快楽]

Heroine Profile

生意気ギャルと援交~なんども絶頂させて快楽堕ちさせてみた~【寝取り系いちゃラブ作品】 [寝とりの快楽]

Name: Aika

Age: 0 7 years old

Family: I live with my mother.

Favorite things: clothes, makeup products, money!

You and I live next door to each other in the same apartment building.

When I started high school, I moved here because of my mother’s work.

Her mother is a night nurse, so she is often alone at night.

I’ve never had a conversation with you, and I have no desire to befriend you.

And yet, being her boyfriend’s best friend, she was pretty much a pain in the ass.

I love my boyfriend who is kind and friendly.

(She doesn’t care about her boyfriend’s best friend or anything…)

On top of that, my boyfriend is a good student and has a bright future, so I don’t want to let him go.

Don’t tell your boyfriend that you’re going out with him because you’re expecting a wealthy future.

But I do love it.

Sex with my boyfriend is very compatible.

It was gentle, and it felt good, and I loved it…

After I had sex with you, I didn’t feel the same way with my boyfriend.

A cock that thrusts me deep.

A cock that makes you climax over and over again.

It has to be yours to fulfill both.

I couldn’t get enough.

生意気ギャルと援交~なんども絶頂させて快楽堕ちさせてみた~【寝取り系いちゃラブ作品】 [寝とりの快楽]

Track Details


(No particular action. Conversation scenes only)

She is basically unfriendly to all men except her boyfriend.

Even if you are your boyfriend’s best friend, that doesn’t change.

But when I shamelessly bowed my head and offered her money, she agreed.

She loves money, and she ok’d it even though she thinks you’re a fool and despises you.

Chapter 1 【A Pleasurable Attack from Unreasonable Support

(abusive hand job in ear / normal position with rubber / stifled moaning / normal position without rubber / weak moaning / continuous climax)

One time inside.

I gave her 100,000 yen, but she didn’t kiss me. No kissing, no rubber, no second round.

What unreasonable conditions…

But you dare to take the terms. If we can have sex, then….

The first part was a hand job while she cursed in my ear.

An abusive hand job while your best friend’s girlfriend tries to have sex with you for money, assuming you are a virgin and making fun of you.

A hand job from my favorite gal. Of course it feels good and I come.

But I’m still buzzing. The real thing is yet to come.

My best friend’s girlfriend is appalled. But maybe because she’s getting paid, she’ll let me put it in.


What the…? Huh? Hmmm…hmmm…hmmm…! I’m not sure what to do…

The cute gal in front of me, holding back her voice, clearly feeling it.

Sure enough, my best friend’s girlfriend climaxes immediately.

But she denied it, saying it was just an act.

And they say it’s over….

Then continue if you haven’t come yet. You haven’t come in sex yet either.

I remove the rubber and move my hips so she doesn’t notice.

The different sensations quickly reveal that I’ve removed the rubber, and she tells me to pull it out.

But you swung your hips relentlessly and made her climax again and again. In order to hear her true feelings…

And finally…

I’m sorry… I don’t know… …ahhh… ahhh… ahhh…! Ah… ah! Aaah! I’m not sure what to do, but I’m going to do it. …Ahh… Oh, no…! I can’t believe it…

Satisfied with your honesty, you cum inside your best friend’s girlfriend’s vagina.

As a result, I angered her and was kicked out of the house for leaving early…

Chapter 2 【To forget… to erase… him…

(She’s panting from the act.)

She absentmindedly felt the pleasure of sex with you.

It’s more than just a boyfriend…

…but I don’t want to admit it. There’s been a mistake. I want to forget, to erase.

The next day, when she immediately calls her boyfriend, he aggressively seduces her and asks her to perform a sexual act.

…but it doesn’t feel good at all, and for the first time I’m acting out.

No insertion sensation. I can’t move at all. I want it deep inside me, but it doesn’t come at all….

When the pleasure doesn’t come as she expected, she begins to get more and more frustrated…

Finally, she fights with her boyfriend… And then…

“I’m sorry, but I… want that guy’s… cock so badly. …… I want that cock…

Chapter 3 [Now she asks me to help her out].


One time inside.

You are called by your best friend’s girlfriend.

What’s more, she’s in need of money, so she wants me to support her again…

And now you have a condition for that request. If it’s here and now. And.

She agrees impatiently. But still no kissing. She said she only wanted to do it with someone she liked…

You and your best friend’s girlfriend having sex in front of your front door in broad daylight.

She pouts, trying to keep her voice down, not wanting people to hear. But soon she loses it to your cock.

She couldn’t resist the pleasure, and she really moaned as if she was waiting for your cock.

In her appearance and demeanor… she was no longer that cocky girl.

Chapter 4 [The continuous climax she seeks after becoming honest].

(Kissing/D-kissing/whispering/face-to-face sitting/face-to-face sitting kiss-fucking/ear licking/ear licking moaning/riding/normal position/kiss-fucking)

Two times inside.

Your best friend’s girlfriend finally gets honest with you, and they undress and make out in your room.

And he’s willing to give me a kiss, which he said he only does with people he likes.

In contrast to the first time, they embraced and kissed each other lovingly and intensely!

A cock in your ear. Penis. He’ll even whisper “cock" in your ear to make you happy.

While holding each other, she puts her own cock in. Continue to lick her ears both right and left!

Sex while ear licking! She’s panting because it feels so good, and she’s doing her best to lick your ears to make you feel better.

At the limit, she climaxed, asking me to make her come once.

After that, she loves to climax, and she climaxes again and again until the end.

They will even ask for your sperm!

So I’m going to climax at the same time to my heart’s content.


Running time: approx. 60 min.

sound file

With SE


Script included

Illustration (version without logo)

Planning and Scenario: The Pleasures of Sleep


CV: Ms. Yui Otokura


Illustration: Noboriya-sama



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