【Lesbian moe! 】See how a good friend of mine went from crazy youth (sexual) spring to adult actress!

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Title:See how a good friend of mine went from crazy youth (sexual) spring to adult actress!

Maker:Lesbian moe!

Release date:2021/01/21
Genre:Ass/Hip\r\n, swimsuit\r\n, lily(Liliumspp.)\r\n, Lesbian/Female\r\n, onanism\r\n, exposure\r\n, Urination/Peeing\r\n, voluptuous\r\n

A serious but perverted ona friend of mine is in a lesbian porn!

We used to show each other how to masturbate when we were adolescents.

Two dirty girls who are good friends.

The method of climaxing while pissing became a habit for me.

To the perverted lesbian who feels for each other just because she has to urinate!

The two of them even started exposing themselves in their combined micro bikinis.

I got a scout for an adult video from a female director.

She would go on to become a sexy actress…



We’re good friends in private.

Popular sexy actresses Satsuki and Yui.

I’m not even on camera.

It’s so erotic, we’re both wearing one.

Wearing a super tight forced micro bikini.

Sex on the beach

In fact, they have a secret…

Satsuki and Yui were childhood friends.

They got along well during puberty and developed a curiosity about sex.

I was student body president at the time.

Satsuki, the earnest one.

From my only friend, Yuui.

He was showing me his masturbation every day… *

“When I come…

Does it feel good to urinate…? ☆

To show each other how to masturbate.

The two of us are hooked.

It was Yuui’s habit to urinate when he came.

Satsuki’s imitation…

I just have to pee in it.

I can’t stop thinking about it.

Before long, their sexual desires were out of control.

She wore the erotic swimsuit Satsuki had made for her.

Outdoor exposure at the beach in summer.

I just happened to catch a glimpse of it.

She was scouted by a sexy actress and director.

They became sexy actresses together…

However, the new sexy actress

What awaited them both.

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get into the wall and perform with just my ass and cunt.

Nude body as a target… etc.

It’s all hard work.

Their lesbian relationship…

They seemed to be torn apart…

When they finally perform together, it’s an orgy…☆

By that time, I had developed a sense of professionalism.

They each took a different woman’s cunt.

He was licking it… ☆

Her first starring role was in a lesbian gangbang…

I’ve had so many women fondle my naked flesh.

Will the two of them fall…☆

Number of foundation sheets: 20

There are a total of 183 pictures, including panty differences and extras.


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