【Inu Tamashii】Bottom of the Sky 5

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Title:Bottom of the Sky 5
Maker:Inu Tamashii
Release date:2021/01/06
Genre:alotofjuice/liquid, cross-sectionalview, fantasy, verbalabuse, Shame/Humiliation, Hypnosis, DeepThroating, Cunnilingus

You don’t need to read the previous one to enjoy this one.

The most famous instrumentalist in the whole sky, Zuo, rides alone into enemy territory to save his trapped friends.
But what he saw there was an obscene and decadent show by his friends.

This is the first time I’ve ever been to a movie where you can hear the tones of other people’s hearts.

It’s a story about participating in a show, sexting in public, and falling into pleasure.
The members who are trapped are the ones who were trapped before the last one, but [they were trapped by the pleasure fall].
I think you can enjoy it without any problem even if you don’t read it because it is nothing more than that.
29 pages of text.


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