【shark ray 】Isekai Goshu-sama: Newcomer Maid’s Sweet and Daisuki Goservice

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Title:Isekai Goshu-sama: Newcomer Maid’s Sweet and Daisuki Goservice

Maker:shark ray

Release date:2020/12/26
Genre:infatuation\r\n, Binaural/Damihe\r\n, Love/Love/Amaa\r\n, blowjob\r\n, (consensual)sexualintercourse\r\n, earlicking\r\n, catears\r\n

Yuna (CV: Kohana Nogami)

異世界ご主人さま ~新人メイドの甘々だいすきご奉仕~ [さめシャーク]

“Be soothed by Yuna’s tail, Master.

A maid with chemo ears who will serve you with all her heart.

She loves to take care of people, and she’s kind enough to do anything with a smile on her face.

She has a passion inside that wants to take in everything her master has to offer.

She is very good at licking and serving, and will give you a sweet full-body lip.

Yuna’s pillowcase is now available for reservation!

異世界ご主人さま ~新人メイドの甘々だいすきご奉仕~ [さめシャーク]

Yuna-chan’s hugging pillow cover is now on sale from Inimurihitsuji-sama!

Reservation deadline: March 1, 2021, 10:00 a.m.

Release date: End of March 2021 (planned)

↓You can make a reservation at the website of “Inemuri Hitsuji" here.


Review Campaign! (Registration closed)

異世界ご主人さま ~新人メイドの甘々だいすきご奉仕~ [さめシャーク]

As a thank you for posting a review of our work, we will be giving away commemorative acrylic stands with printed illustrations by hai-sensei to 10 lucky winners!

↓For more information on how to apply, please see Ci-en’s post here.



A binaural recording of the entire story, and a melodious otherworldly life with a sweet maid!

In this first installment, a kemo eared maid who loves her master and loves to serve him!

The secret magic tool “Baininal" will lick your ears and your dick at the same time.

From serving you to making babies to sleeping with you, I will give and accept everything to you.

Please enjoy the healing life with sweet sex in every corner of each track.


The main character (you) has arrived in a different world by chance.

I’m going to hire a maid to live in the mansion I got after everything. ……

track listing

  • Track01 Welcome Home’s Sweet Hug! Hug
  • Track02 Mezame’s ear licking service – child making sex
  • Track03 <魔道具で分身>左右同時お耳舐め~ねっとりベロチュー手コキ
  • Track04 <魔道具で分身>左右同時お耳舐め&濃厚フェラ同時攻め
  • Track05 <魔道具で分身>左右同時好き好き連呼でおねだり3P交尾
  • Track06 Epilogue / Overflowing Feelings for the Master
  • TrackEX01 Suki suki suki suki suki suki suki suki suki suki suki suki suki suki suki suki suki suki suki
  • TrackEX02 What I like about my master, old and new
  • TrackEX03 All the time…
  • TrackEX04 More ear licking


Voice actor: Kohana Nogami

シナリオ:高嶋栄二様 https://twitter.com/pitfall1
イラスト:hai様 https://twitter.com/hai_hyu
Sound production: Yazuchi Sueta

タイトルロゴ:みぎかたななめ様 https://twitter.com/naname_yr8
Direction: Saeki Tomonitor

企画・制作:さめシャーク https://twitter.com/samejimagabumi


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