【Circle Meitei】The Order of the Reaper – Segurumet, a Village Swallowed by a Nasty Forest

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#1, 30 Days:#3
Title:The Order of the Reaper – Segurumet, a Village Swallowed by a Nasty Forest
Maker:Circle Meitei
Release date:2021/04/29
Genre:clothes, maleprotagonist, Touching, Sister, fantasy, Cuckold, Exposure, Forced/forcible


Synopsis ■.
A man has been expelled from the church.
He is a [saint] who can hear the voice of [God]. He was on a mission to save the world.
For that salvation, the incarnation of my God is necessary. In order to do so, we must continue to offer our good souls to [God].
He succeeded in setting up a cult in the remote village [Segurumet], and began his activities to receive [God] as the guru.

52 basic event CGs (*excluding standing pictures and enemy graphics)
8 heroines, some of which have costume differences.

Detailed introduction to the game.

Operation mode

死神教団 ~淫森に呑まれた村セグルメット [サークル冥魅亭]

[The Order of the Dead] is a simulation game about managing a cult. Become a pawn of a [God] you’ve seen somewhere and manage your cult to create a peaceful and healthy community.
The main character has a mysterious charm that attracts many believers. Among them, the congregation called [Apostles] can be made to work as the main character’s hands and feet. However, whether they are usable human resources is another story.

You can build a variety of buildings on the village grounds. This will affect the development of the village. When you are running a church, you will receive various petitions. As Oyasama, you should listen to the voices of your followers.

Service Activity – Heavenly Burial Mode

死神教団 ~淫森に呑まれた村セグルメット [サークル冥魅亭]

Once you have completed the construction, etc., you can organize [Apostles] to start the activities of the cult. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses, and their parameters will change depending on their work. The [Apostles] who work together as a team will become friends with each other. As they get to know each other, they learn about the weaknesses of other [apostles].
The selfish and sketchy [God] will impose quotas. If you fall below the quota, the cult will be destroyed. Manage the cult well and make sure that the parameters of the village do not fall below the quota.

The protagonist’s mission is to incarnate a [god] that only he can see. This god, whose name is unknown and whose identity is completely unknown, is an imaginary god that only the hero can see.
(There are no sex scenes in this [god]. If you want to see a sex scene, please visit [Reaper Whorehouse])

Inquisition mode

死神教団 ~淫森に呑まれた村セグルメット [サークル冥魅亭]

The heroine is not in the [Faith] at the start of the game. They will appear as you progress through the game, and become [Apostles] when you fulfill the conditions. It is said that their souls are special ones called [precious souls], and that by [heavenly burial] of [precious souls], [God] will incarnate.
However, the heroine’s soul remains immature at first. They need to be purified and [blessed] by the power of [the saints]. Bless them in front of the congregation (in short, have sex with them) to refine their souls.

List of characters

死神教団 ~淫森に呑まれた村セグルメット [サークル冥魅亭]

For a more detailed introduction, click here! (with sample voices)

Corlone, daughter of the village chief
Female priestess Venedia
◆Priestess Rosette
Holy Knight Lucile
◆Saint Lady Lestaria
High Priestess Margrethe
Rachenne, daughter of a local lord
◆Enelia, the maid

Although not a heroine, [God] also has a voice (CV Miru)

Sex scene

死神教団 ~淫森に呑まれた村セグルメット [サークル冥魅亭]

Main sex situations of heroines.
-Sexual harassment from the hero at [inquisition] – interrogation or [trial].
-Holy prostitute, sex with villagers (avoidable)
-Preemptive sex with the married heroine as a wedding night right
-Marry a subordinate to the heroine, and spy on her.


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