【STail 】Vol01] YouthSignal – YSSP version

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Title:Vol01] YouthSignal – YSSP version


Release date:2020/12/30
Genre:embers\r\n, series(e.g.film)\r\n, Student\r\n, School/Academy\r\n, serious\r\n, purelove\r\n, ponytail\r\n

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【Vol01】YouthSignal―YSSP版ー [STail]

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Shizuno Shinonome: CV Yui Asami

Suzu Urato: CV Ren Arimura

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Youth Perversion ADV:YouthSignal【VOL01】Starting!

Yanomiya High School (Hashinomiya), where the protagonists attend, is riddled with problems.

The constant graffiti, pranks, insidious bullying, shadowy violence, and spoon fed teachers …….

And the student council of the school and the students who belong to it work to control the disorder of public morals.

Each of us was tormented by the inexplicable anxiety, frustration, and sense of missing out on everyday life that is unique to adolescence.

Disparate objectives and back-to-back groping.

They come together like a patchwork of pieces, and yet, while remembering the days when they were honest, they deepen their friendship in a clumsy way.

What will happen to the school’s disorderly manners? What will become of their spent youth?

This is how their youth of remembrance, in which they regain the “self they really want to be," begins now.

This is a story that brings back “the best time of my life".

Vol01 and the demo version have the same scenario, up to the prologue, and can be played until the end.

There are no character voices in the demo version.

Introduction of the characters

  • 【Vol01】YouthSignal―YSSP版ー [STail]

    Shizuno Shinonome-Shizuno

    CV Yui Asami

    Student Council Public Morals Division

    He works with Yoshihito in the student council’s public morals department.

    He has the highest grades in his grade, is active in the student council, and is trusted by the faculty.

    However, they are basically indifferent and unsociable to all others.

    Throughout the story, the past is unraveled as well as what makes her do so.

  • 【Vol01】YouthSignal―YSSP版ー [STail]

    Asahime Sakuramono

    CV Yuri Yuzaki

    Vice President of Student Council

    As a sophomore, he is the vice president of the student council.

    His work is sometimes strict and sometimes more polite than anyone else’s.

    She is usually a normal girl with a mischievous sense of humor.

    In fact, I’m not very good at asserting myself, and perhaps that’s what makes me rather itchy to be the perfect student council vice president.

  • 【Vol01】YouthSignal―YSSP版ー [STail]

    Rinko Tsubaki

    CV Hime Sakura

    go-home club

    She is sensitive and has a lovely smile and charm.

    She is known to be a bit of a tease in class and often goes too far.

    She grows a lot through her encounters with Yoshito and others, and the environment around her gradually changes.

  • 【Vol01】YouthSignal―YSSP版ー [STail]

    Yoshihito Miyamichi (Yoshito Kudou)

    CV Kouki Shimizu

    Student Council Public Morals Division

    The main character of this work.

    If something is wrong, if you don’t like it, or if you don’t agree with it, just say it’s wrong.

    Some people take him for granted, but others hate him.

    Sometimes I run around and sometimes I stop to complain about things that I don’t like in this high school with disorder.

    While questioning his own worth and struggling, his youth has begun.

  • 【Vol01】YouthSignal―YSSP版ー [STail]

    Yuhito Shinkai

    CV Shigure Nao

    Student Council Information Management Department

    He is said to have the highest status among the boys, and he thinks so too.

    Although he is self-righteous, he is proud of his achievements, which are based on his stoicism and dedication.

    My father is a councilor who ran for a seat in the Liangnomiya Ward, and he is working on “building a peaceful city.

    As the son of a politician, he strives to improve the town he lives in by taking the initiative to correct the deteriorating morals of Yanomiya High School.

  • 【Vol01】YouthSignal―YSSP版ー [STail]

    Mahiro Tsuchifuda

    CV Ren Arimura

    Student Council Information Management Department

    Her grades are average, and she doesn’t stand out much at school, but she is said to be “cooler than Shizuno Shinonome" because she doesn’t say much.

    The student council is mainly in charge of fresh information such as word of mouth and sightings.

    She’s beautiful, but people think she’s a waste of time because she doesn’t care about her looks.

    Basically, he is unresponsive and always looks sleepy.

  • 【Vol01】YouthSignal―YSSP版ー [STail]

    Shunpei Yoshida

    CV Yuki Hyuga

    go-home club

    Her grades are average, but her ideas are dumb.

    He seems to be the sum of all the good-natured people.

    However, there is no one in this school who can compete with “discernment," “groundless persuasion," and “mood-making. Anyway, they are tough.

    He has known Yoshito since junior high school, when he helped Sunpei prepare for his high school entrance exams, and they have managed to stay friends through their second year of high school, the setting of the story.

  • 【Vol01】YouthSignal―YSSP版ー [STail]

    Suzu Urato

    CV Ren Arimura

    Student Council Executive Command Section

    A bright female student with a fluffy perm who lives for the groove.

    She transferred to a new school in her first year, and with her natural cheerfulness and easy-going nature, she quickly blended in and ended up joining the student council, full of groove.

    He can be a bit of a jerk when he gets to know you, but he has an atmosphere that makes you laugh and forgive him.

    He has a way of unleashing his natural unexpectedness at unfamiliar times.

  • 【Vol01】YouthSignal―YSSP版ー [STail]

    Kaneran Saaya

    CV Miyuki Ei

    Student Council Book Committee

    A poker face that usually only smiles.

    Everything from school life is a mystery, sensitive but unemotional.

    He always keeps a certain distance from the people around him, but when you talk to him, he seems to have a certain sense of accomplishment.

    I met Kaato in the library when I was a freshman and made a very small promise to him.

    She seemed to have a big goal at school, but whether her promise to Kahto had anything to do with it or not, she had no way of knowing yet.

  • 【Vol01】YouthSignal―YSSP版ー [STail]

    Toshiyuki Kanzaki

    CV Hideyoshi Bito

    Student Council Advisor

    Subject: Modern Society

    Teacher in charge of Class 2E

    A handsome and dapper teacher who is usually well-liked by students and faculty alike, and who is hardly 36 years old.

    Some of the female students come to the school to talk to the teacher, but rumor has it that she already has a boyfriend.

    When I asked him directly, he politely and tactfully digressed.

    He is trusted as a decent adult teacher who can also see things from the student’s point of view, and has a dignity that no one can lick.


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