【Cuts and Wounds】Can I take it seriously? Stories of women who have been attacked

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Title:Can I take it seriously? Stories of women who have been attacked
Maker:Cuts and Wounds
Release date:2020/10/29
Genre:Girl, sister, student, Creampie, Rape, Bigtits/bigtits, Smalltits, Bellybutton


-Some color, 61 pages of the main story, 367 pages in all, including the differential appendix.
-[no monologue][picture only][main story in black and white].
Includes five types of diffs: [monochrome without monologue][monochrome with pictures][monochrome with pictures].
-[No Monologue][Picture Only][Monochrome without Monologue][Picture Only Monochrome].
-There is bleeding expression by a broken gourd and some violent expression.
-The image size is 1700 pixels in height and 1200 pixels in width. The format is jpg.


A fictional true-crime manga magazine [can I really take this?!?]. .
Its November issue features an experience confession session with six rape victims.
It’s a great way to learn more about the people who are affected by rape.

The first one is [Mahilo Niijima], who is a student for the exam.
The first one is a student, [Niijima Mahilo], who was blackmailed and raped by a dirty uncle after she started shoplifting to relieve the stress of studying.

The second is [Katori Kotone], a company employee.
She is taken into a back alley downtown on her way home from a drinking party, and feels all the more raped because of the alcohol.

The third is [Mizuki Tanimoto], who is active in a club.
At night when she is exhausted from the training camp and sleeps, the perverted advisor teacher comes to crawl in the night to get the virginity of the beautiful girl.

The fourth is the reclusive [Chika Kureno].
She takes a bath with her brother, whom she met at a relative’s gathering, and gets pranked on his innocent body.

The fifth is [Hotaru Hatazaki], a housewife.
She is pushed down by the sexually harassing manager at her part-time job, and is continuously raped as a sex slave and turned into a dirty body.

The sixth is the quiet [Azusa Horiguchi].
She goes to a wooded area to throw away the kittens her pet cat has given birth to, but there she is captured by a devilish vagrant.

You’ll have to wait until you read the magazine to find out how the girls end up after being attacked!

Notice to all readers.
We were planning to continue with the second and third installments of this project, but unfortunately, we will have to end it this time because the hostess, Reiko Akita, has suddenly left the agency and retired from the entertainment industry.


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