【Sunahisa Shimatori/Mitsuki An 】I woke up the coup-de-grace dragon girl. -Normal Edition

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Title:I woke up the coup-de-grace dragon girl. -Normal Edition

Maker:Sunahisa Shimatori/Mitsuki An

Release date:2020/10/25
Genre:excitement\r\n, healing\r\n, ASMR\r\n, Beast/Beastmaster\r\n

I woke up a coudere dragon girl. -Regular Edition

This work is an audio drama with binaural recording.

Use of earphones or headphones is recommended for viewing.

Setup □ Installation

The “Tears of the Dragon" is a phantom potion that can be obtained by slaying the vicious and ferocious “Dragon Tribe," which no ordinary human can defeat.

A drop of the “dragon’s tears" can cure any disease in an instant. ……

Believing in this tradition, you came to the Dragon’s Lair alone, hoping for a glimpse of hope for your sister, who was lying on the bed of serious illness.

After being attacked by demons in an intricate cave, stepping off many times, and falling to pieces, I finally arrived at the dragon’s nest.

Sleeping peacefully in the middle of the nest was a female of the dragon tribe — a young dragon girl.

For a moment, you hesitate to slay the female dragon as you imagine it to be huge and ferocious. ……

It’s all for the sake of your sick sister. With all your might, you will swing your sword at the sleeping dragon. ……

I had a moment in the den where I was cared for by a downer and shy dragon girl.

Please take your time and enjoy.


This work is the “regular edition".

We are also selling an R15 version of the same title.

Each of them has a different specification of what to play in “Chapter 4".

You can enjoy both of them by purchasing them.

Please note that the basic scenes are duplicated, so please be aware of this before purchasing.

Main feature: approx. 53 minutes + bonus interviews

  • 01 I woke up the dragon girl…
  • 02 Dragon Girl’s Hospitality. Sleeping together, sniffing and mouth-to-mouth
  • 03 I want to know more about humans…
  • 04 Massage for Affectionate Expression
  • 05 Ending


Cast: Anzu Mitsuki

Illustration: Natsuki Yozuki

Script: Shimatori

Planning and design: Eito Hisato

Production: Shimatori Sakyu

☆ Cooperation

Music by Maou Tamashii


This work is a duplicate of “I woke up the coup-de-grace dragon girl. -There is a duplication of content with “I woke up the coup de grace dragon girl.


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