【Dairy industry】Mature Women’s Pro Wrestling ROUND 5

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Title:Mature Women’s Pro Wrestling ROUND 5
Maker:Dairy industry
Release date:2020/10/04
Genre:tits, juice/liquidlargequantities, mother, Maturewomen, Creampie, “Mothersmilk", Bigtits/bigtits, whippedtits

Women with dynamite bodies

Wrestling is a very popular entertainment at the town festival
Mother (Makoto) and Obasan (Sayaka: Mother’s senior)
Their friend Andree, an American.

Unable to play the game due to the Corona disaster.
I am in agony.

In times like these, it’s time to move your body at practice.
I would like to relieve stress, but
That’s it. I’m going to ruffle some feathers and do what I always do…

Women with dynamite bodiesが
I’m going to have a lot of fun, and I’m going to do a lot of erotic things.

The fifth installment of mature women’s wrestling!

This is an original erotic CG collection for adults.

10 basic CGs, 61 basic + differential CGs
There are 122 pages with and without dialogue.


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