【Yoru no Wokazu Shokudo】Futanari Creature vol10 [Clash! earth woman vs. nunnery]!

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Title:Futanari Creature vol10 [Clash! earth woman vs. nunnery]!
Maker:Yoru no Wokazu Shokudo
Release date:2020/10/04
Genre:Specter, leotard, martialarts, Catfight, Lesbian/girlfriend, Fellatio, Anal, blowjob

A sudden visitor puts me in a bind.

I was in a terrible pinch in my room.
I was lying on my bed, and a monster appeared as if it was covering me.

“Fefe, you are you? What a cute guy, I’ll take you as my wife. I’ll take you as my wife.

[Oh, hey! Is there anyone out there?]
[Hey, kiddo, it’s time for dinner.]
It was Midori who opened the door and came to call me.

Yay, I’m saved. …… I was relieved, but ……

[Oh, you were having fun, weren’t you? I’m sorry.]
I shouted and stopped Midori as she tried to close the door and leave the room.

No, no, no, no, Midori! I’m being attacked, I’m being attacked!

I’m sure you’re right. I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that.]
“What kind of delinquent looks this bad?

[Fefe, you look like a demon too].
The woman, a demon, walks up to Mido Midori.

I’m the nun of the nunnery. I’ll take you.]
I’m a nun.
I’ll have you killed, then!
[I don’t like to fight, but I’ll take you on.]
When I said that, for some reason, they both took off their clothes, exposing their cocks between their legs.

“Hey! Why do you have your cute little penis out?

[Oh? This is the battle of the demons. You’ve seen it all before, right? You’ve seen the battles of Mirei and Flammei.]
I don’t know why it turned out to be your fight.
[Fefe, the one who runs out of energy loses, so to speak, he is as good as dead].
I don’t know why the fight went that way.
I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out what’s going on.

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In the smartphone version, only browser viewing is possible for [16 pages without text differences].


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