【Cam Rhythms】What am I made of?

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Title:What am I made of?
Maker:Cam Rhythms
Release date:2020/10/02
Genre:fetish, boy, “boysdaughter", Sexchange(TS), Peeing, Cunnilingus, virginity, foreskin

Story introduction

This is the story of a young girl who was turned into a woman by Loki’s pranks. It’s not easy to make a woman cum in a woman’s body, even though she indulges in masturbation.
The story is about a woman who is forced by Loki to masturbate to a woman’s body.
As I watch my life masturbate with a thrill, I feel a strange sensation in my lower body…

I’ve got a cock on me that I’ve somehow lost!

The characters

-Mizuki Suzuhira Male Protagonist. High school student. 154cm tall for his age. He is turned into a woman by Loki, the god of mischief.
He wants to be a man, but he has a feminine figure that could be mistaken for a beautiful girl.
Perhaps that’s why the people around me didn’t notice much when I was transformed into a woman…

I have no knowledge of women.

She is the younger sister of Takeru Ichimonji, a childhood friend of Mizuki. She has a cheerful personality. She has been interested in Mizuki since she was a child. Natural?


-Showing each other off
-forced cunnilingus
-climax incontinence
-facial licking
-prostate torture

manga text:24p
Extra:1 page

High resolution PDF

Author:Sakel Kito
Circle Name:CamRhythm


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