【fried bean curd】I became friends with my friend’s mother.

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Title:I became friends with my friend’s mother.
Maker:fried bean curd
Release date:2020/10/02
Genre:boobs, series, mother, Cuckold, Cuckold, Masturbation, DeepThroating, BigTits

My friend’s mom is the one I’ve always wanted to be like.

My friend’s mother and I are beginning a secret relationship.

My friend’s mother is kind, beautiful, and has big tits.
I have a secret crush on her.
I’ve been masturbating to her on a regular basis.

One day, I saw a ruckus written on a public toilet.
I found the words “I want to make a sexy friend…".

I contacted him out of curiosity and met him.
It was my friend’s mother.

I was confused, but let myself be pushed by the other person.
They forgot about time and sought each other’s pleasure.

I’m conflicted in my confidence.

I’m going to continue my secret relationship with my friend’s mother.


[I became friends with my friend’s mother.]
Author : karaage chan

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≪cover, back cover 85 pages, text 82 pages.
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In the sample, the mosaic is corrected, but in the text, the mosaic is corrected in black.


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