【Water temperature 25 degrees Celsius】[Standing Image Material] Fantasy Private Clothes – Girl Version

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Title:[Standing Image Material] Fantasy Private Clothes – Girl Version
Maker:Water temperature 25 degrees Celsius
Release date:2020/10/02
Genre:healthy, girl, fantasy, LongHair, Blondehair, Twintails

Standing materials for girls’ casual clothes.
Contains materials for 6 figures (3 girls x 2 colors).
You can use them freely in your own games, TRPGs, videos, etc.

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Please fill out the questionnaire so that we can refer to it in the future.

File contents

PNG data
Number of sheets : 372 sheets (62 sheets x 3 persons x 2 colors)
Size:700px (height)
For those who can’t open PSD data – PNG data is easy to use immediately for those who are in a hurry.
34 basic expressions and 28 parts for each expression are included for 6 bodies.
The amount of blank space varies depending on the character.

Two pieces of PSD data.
PSD data divided into layers by expression parts, line drawings, and each part’s paint.

(1) Full body: 6 bodies
Size:1800×4200 350dpi
This is the original data before reduction.
The amount of blank space varies depending on the character.

(2)Above the knee 6 figures
Size:700px (height)(PNGの膝上の画像と同等)
This data can be used to save the above the knee image. Channel:

About the trial version

Number of sheets : 72 sheets (12 expressions x 3 people x 2 colors)
Size:700px (height)
PNG data above the knee.
This data is extracted from the product, so the contents will be duplicated from the product.
You can also use the trial version as a material.

Terms of Use

-Commercial and non-commercial use is allowed.
-Credit notation -Reporting of use is optional
-For use in age-restricted works
-Feel free to modify (resize, change colors, alter parts, add text, etc.)
-Only use line drawings -Repaint colors

Examples of available content
-Homemade games -Video -TRPG
-Icons for social networking sites -Profile pictures

-Redistribution and sale of homemade remarks and materials
-Use in R-18G works
-Use for political or religious activities
-Other malicious content – Use for content that the author deems inappropriate

No copyright is waived.
We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the use of this material.
Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Contact us

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