【CANDY VOICE / Sumire Uesaka】[Earworm – Nekojarashi] Nekogurashi.2 ~Miketsu Neko Shoujo to Matatabi no Yu~ [CV: Sumire Uesaka].

[Ranking]24 Hours:#2, 7 Days:#5, 30 Days:#14
Title:[Earworm – Nekojarashi] Nekogurashi.2 ~Miketsu Neko Shoujo to Matatabi no Yu~ [CV: Sumire Uesaka].
Maker:CANDY VOICE / Sumire Uesaka
Release date:2020/10/05
Genre:Moe, healing, binaural/damihe, ASMR, ForeignGirl/MonsterGirl, Earwax, whispering, catnip


Nekogurashi.2 Part 1: Mikeco Cat (CV Uesaka Sumire)

[ASMR of this work]
We believe that the sound that hits a person is not only auditory, but also tactile.
In order for the audience to feel the sound comfortably, we recorded the sound hitting their ears not only with the KU100 (binaural microphone) but also with a vibration microphone at the same time to incorporate the tactile element.
KU100 = auditory sense, vibration microphone = tactile sense.
In headphones, the larger the driver, the larger the vibration may be felt. It would be interesting to compare it with canal type earphones, so please enjoy it in various ways.

Main ASMR sounds in this work
-Environmental sounds of bamboo forest and clogs
-The sound of a hearth sowing
-Environmental sound of a hot spring
-Carbonated shampoo
-Back scrubbing (neck-arm-back scrubbing)
-Scalp massage
-Ear massage
-Ear scratching with catnip
-Oil massage for the face
-Oil massage for both ears
-Shoulder tap and shoulder massage
-Back massage
-Mike cat’s breath

[This film is a blockbuster, over 2 hours long!]
This is a new audio work that integrates storytelling with the superb ear scratching voice and comfortable ASMR voice with catnip, created by a talented sound effects staff.

The next stage of hospitality is the [Matatabi no Yu], famous as the [Hot Spring of the Gods]. In the open-air baths, a space where cat girls entertain tired travelers unfolds. In the hot spring baths, the cat ladies will take care of your worries and your back!

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Cat Girl Introduction – Mikeco Cat (CV: Sumire Uesaka)

【耳かき・ねこじゃらし】ねこぐらし。2~ミケ猫少女とマタタビの湯~【CV: 上坂すみれ】 [CANDY VOICE]

I’m really happy to meet you at Nekomei-kan, even though it’s only the second time we’ve met.

[Mikeneko (CV: Uesaka Sumire)]] [

A quiet Mikeco with a frightening atmosphere.
She has no curiosity whatsoever, even for a cat. She is polite, courteous, and precise. But not very good at talking.
He is more considerate of others than most, and always cares for them.
He is a bit proud of his beautiful crooked tail.

Series Synopsis

Nekomarukan – Matatabi no Yu

The sound of a mysterious bell leads you (the listener) to the Nekominkan.
This is a historic inn located between the other world and this world. Gods, non-gods, and non-humans visit the inn and enjoy their time as if a thousand years were one day and one day were a thousand years.
This is the time of the [Nine Souls Festival], which is held once every ten years. It’s a great way to get to know the people you’ll be working with.

In this game, you’ll meet the straightforward Mikeco cat, the pure White cat, the friendly Black cat, the soft and gentle Siamese cat, the sissy Bengal cat, the dainty Persian cat, and the cat god who holds the key to everything.
This is the second installment in the long-awaited series, in which the mysterious story behind the story is revealed while spending healing time with adorable cat girls with rich personalities!

The next stage of hospitality is the famous [Matatabi no Yu], the hot spring of the gods. After passing through an alleyway filled with autumn leaves and bamboo groves in the depths of autumn, there is a secluded, detached bathhouse. Warm up in the sunken hearth and take a breather. In the open-air bath, you will find a space where tired travelers are entertained by cat ladies.
The sizzling, carbonic acid spring [matatabi no yu] is said to gently envelop and heal visitors without changing yesterday, today, or tomorrow. Yes, for gods, for people, and of course, for cats! We all have worries. The cat lady will take care of your worries and your back in the hot spring!

Who will become a miko? Which cat girls will go to this world? Are there any new cat girls who will participate in this ceremony? The mystery of “Nekogurashi. I’m not sure what to make of it.

Which catgirl’s bell ringing do you hear…?

Nekogurashi. Season 2, Welcome to Matatabi no Yu!

Tracklist Total 2:35:12

  • Welcome to Matatabi no Yu. ~The Case of the Mikeco Cat~.
  • Carbonated shampoo & back scrubbing in a hot spring (neck – arms – back scrubbing)
  • Scalp & ear massage at a hot spring (scalp – ears)
  • Chatting with Mikeco while soaking in the bathtub
  • Gentle ear scratching with catnip – right ear – left ear
  • Mikeco’s special facial oil massage – face – both ears
  • Chatting with Mikeco – while sitting around the hearth
  • Gentle massage in a futon – back and shoulder massage
  • Tucking in with a lap pillow

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Mikeneko (CV Sumire Uesaka)
Illustration – Character design: Buta
Scenario:Kunio Yanagide
Production: CANDY VOICE


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