【Pear Tart / Mimichi Sanpachi】Counting skit masturbation by female kid Mio. 100 skits and I’ll turn you into Pavlov’s dog, masochist.

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Title:Counting skit masturbation by female kid Mio. 100 skits and I’ll turn you into Pavlov’s dog, masochist.
Maker:Pear Tart / Mimichi Sanpachi
Release date:2020/10/03
Genre:fetish, Noreversals, lewdwords, ASMR, HypnoticAudio, Girl, Lolita, Poortits/slighttits

I’m going to have you play a game of punishment with a female kid Mio who loves to make fun of her adult brother.
The name of the game is [countable skipping masturbation] Isn’t that a nice name?

Here are the rules of the game in a nutshell.
Mio will count the numbers from 10 to 0, so you have to [seriously] shimmy along with it.
I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but I’ve never heard of it.

I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out what’s going on here.
So Mio mixes up the 100 dummy counts.

What do you think will happen then? That’s right. The masochist will have to do serious shiko shiko all the time while being scared of the number 0.

Of course, it’s a game, so there are punishments.
The punishment is a strict ban on ejaculating into the masochist’s property plus a three-day cleaning ban.

The difficulty of the punishment game increases with the count.
[purse][personal clothes][cup][pillow][toothbrush][treasure]

In addition to the above, there is also a scene where you have to squirm your way to the top of the screen, so if you are prepared, you can enjoy the audio with ease. (There are other punishments as well.)

I’m making a [Pavlov’s dog system] where you get excited just by Mio’s count as you repeat the count and the verbal abuse.
As you can see in the main story, the female brat Mio has remodeled my brain into a masochist who is excited only by counting.

This audio is
It’s a dummy count of 10 to 1, followed by a longer verbal abuse every 10 counts as a basic verbal abuse.
I’ll include it in the sample.

Most of the time, after one verbal abuse, I’d say, “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, hey, you don’t want me to masturbate your precious clothes when it’s not a punishment game? Do you want to stop? Don’t you?

You don’t want to stop, do you? You’re happy to be ordered by Mio to do something stupid… Here, let the smell of your disgusting cock permeate your clothes.

The content includes a lot of verbal abuse. There is no duplication of any of the more than 100 counts that are recorded each time.

The more you use, the less you will be blamed. After your brain has been remodeled, there will be scenes with no verbal abuse, just counting.

1 hour 21 minutes
Voice Actor Miichi Sanpachi

Please understand that we cannot be held responsible for any problems that may arise from this audio.


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