【I’ll be back! Recycle Shop】Sweet Pot Cuckold – Adventurers are cuckolded in a sweet honey pot – for mac

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Title:Sweet Pot Cuckold – Adventurers are cuckolded in a sweet honey pot – for mac
Maker:I’ll be back! Recycle Shop
Release date:2020/10/01
Genre:Lori, Succubus/whore, Decadence/Immorality/Immoral, Cuckoldry, Humiliation, ReverseRape

A man is cuckolded by a loli succubus’ enchanting sweet honey pot.

It is a whore that seduces people into lewdness.
If you are seduced by this temptation, the energy drain will make you a prey for the whore.

Resist the temptation, if you can.

The rewards for slaying a succubus are unbeatable.
This is the reason two adventurers, a man and a woman, set foot in the dwelling of the succubus.

It’s a great way to get to know the people in your life.
As if to tear their relationship apart, the man is kidnapped by a succubus.

A man becomes the prey of a succubus.
In the event that you’ve got a lot of time, you’ll be able to take a look at a few of the best ways to get the most out of your time.
And the succubus will seduce you. Showing off her sweet honey pot, …….

In the end, a female adventurer comes to the rescue, but what a sight she sees there!

The little succubus’ agitated and seductive voice.
The calm, mature, yet somewhat naive voice of a female adventurer.

A lewd story where the two are interwoven.

As for the article of the story.

1 Succubus Dining Scene
2Adventurers flirting with each other
3They share a sweet kiss.
4A man tasting a sweet pot with a succubus riding him
5Caring for a man with a blowjob when his energy is low
6The devil’s temptation when you’re hard as a rock
7And when your partner arrives

This work has content overlap with [Sweet Pot Cuckold – Adventurer is Cuckolded in a Sweet Honey Pot (RJ296954)].
If you can’t start it normally, please try to extract it with [The Unarchiver].


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