【Whisp】Chinese][Carbonated Healing and Ear Licking Whispering Sex][Healing of King – Lolita Elf’s Carbonated Ejaculation]] [

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Title:Chinese][Carbonated Healing and Ear Licking Whispering Sex][Healing of King – Lolita Elf’s Carbonated Ejaculation]] [
Release date:2020/10/01
Genre:Healing, Binaural/Damihe, ASMR, Elf/Fairy, Fantasy, earlicking


This work has some overlap with [[Carbonic Acid Healing and Ear Licking Whispering Sex][Healing of King – Lolita Elf’s Carbonic Acid Ejaculation]](RJ272292).
In addition to the Japanese audio, this movie contains Chinese subtitles.

[Oh my. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.]

The young king was in search of pleasure.
One day, he summoned all the karma masters in the country to his castle, and the one who gave him the most pleasant [treatment] was chosen.
One day, he summoned all the karmic practitioners in the country to his castle.

This is a story of healing and torment to determine the supreme [pleasure].

The point of this work

-Part 1
It is a whispering and healing sound effect with a relaxing effect.
Tickling SEs that reach into your ears and deep into your head, and
Please enjoy the gentle whispers that will melt your body.

-Part 2

Situations that make full use of the highest quality binaural microphone [NEUMANN KU100]!
The best microphones are used to provide thorough ear torture!
Ear scratching and massage SE is more 3D and closer.
Whispers and breaths also feel warm and tantalizing, just like the real thing!

Heroine Introduction

CV Emi Sakura

She lived in an elven forest, giving massages and other treatments to people in the neighborhood.
She has a longing for the king, and is actually very happy about this competition. He is much older than he looks.

Track List
1 [An Audience with the King: An Elf’s Story] (04:02)
[I am an elven healer, living at the edge of the eastern continent].
[And so, my king? I’m going to win this game.]
[I’ll take care of you like I tickle a boy’s soft spot].

2 clap clap – carbonated champagne](22min59sec)
[I’ll wash the king’s hair first].
[with a ladle, slowly and carefully scooping out the hot water].
[It’s magically filled with air, so it crackles and pops every time you shake it].

3 Puni Puni – Full Body Massage](34:52)
I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that works for you.
[I will now massage the king’s entire body with my entire body].
“King ……, does my body …… feel nice and puffy ……?

4 Ear licking cryptic whispering (right ear)](22min 39sec)
I’ll lick your ears with my thick tongue…]
I’ll whisper a lot of naughty things to you while I lick your ears.
I’d like to know what you think.

5 [Ear licking cryptic whispering (left ear)](23min 38sec)
“Well then, let’s have some ……… ……… ………

[I’m going to screw my tongue in…]]
[Let’s get fucked all over with my tongue in your ear…]

6 [Goo Goo Goo – Carbonated Tentacle Masturbator](14min 48sec)
“There’s a lot of nice tentacles inside, …… and it’s thick like a cunt …….

“Guchu guchu, pachi pachi ……♪ Guchu guchu, pachi pachi ……♪

“There’s always a cool king being bullied by a …… penis tentacle and getting all red-faced. …… Hahaha …… That’s nice.

7 [Doro-Doro-Honjo-Honjo Sperm Squeezing](16min 18sec)
“Please take my virgin membrane, ……, and make me your comfort …….

“Your cunt may be …… tight, but is it …… done properly?

[Nyan! I’m sorry. I like to be rubbed there.]

8 [extra original talk](05:08)
Talk part by Emi Sakura


[Recording environment]
To be recorded with high quality dummy head microphone [NEUMANN / KU100]
It is recommended to use headphones or earphones to watch the video.
This is a binaural recording.

[Recording time]
Total 9 tracks: Total recording time: approx. 02 hours 21 minutes

File format]
WAV:96kHz / 24Bit high-resolution sound quality
MP3:44.1kHz / 256kbps
High resolution illustration & text included

Emi Sakura

Hemp leaf

encounter and strange performance


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