【Association for the Promotion of Demonstrative Voice / Maron Kohinata】014 Endurance masturbation for 60 minutes from masturbation ban. Maron Kohinata

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Title:014 Endurance masturbation for 60 minutes from masturbation ban. Maron Kohinata
Maker:Association for the Promotion of Demonstrative Voice / Maron Kohinata
Release date:2020/10/01
Genre:Continuousclimax, dailylife/life, Masturbation

The first appearance of “Maron Kohinata" with her cute and addictive seductive voice!

This time, we asked her to perform endurance masturbation to see how many times she can come in 60 minutes.
This is the first time I’ve ever had to endure 60 minutes of endurance masturbation.
[I’m coming! I’m coming again!] This is a video of a woman climaxing continuously with an electric masturbator. This is the record for the highest number of climaxes in this circle’s work!

About KOHINATA-san

She is an internet voice actress who is active in doujin voice.

Name:Maron Kohinata
Age:Early 20s
Body type: Normal (with a neckline)
Hair length: Bob
Bust: F cup

What to wear, what to use, what to do.

-Sunday, masturbation, love hotel masturbation
-Yellow underwear (with embroidered frilly lace, transparent fabric that allows you to see the armpits)
-Endurance masturbation for 60 minutes with a timer set


01_60 minutes endurance masturbation 1:08:37

Stereo recording(441khz 16bit )

Voice quality, acting

Low □□□□□ ■□□□□ High

Natural voice □□□□■□□□□□

Shyness □□□□□□□□□■ Serious masturbation


How erotic you are!

Eroticism of the project!


Degree of climax

I’ve been cumming for 60 minutes! It’s a real masturbation, a reaction full of pleasure!
[I’m going to become a fathead now] [It feels good, it feels good, it feels good] Ms. Kohinata masturbates incessantly.
How many times did you cum? What are your thoughts afterwards?

Recommended for the following people

-If you want to enjoy real masturbation, this is the one for you. People who want to enjoy real masturbation.
-People who want to know about women’s masturbation
-Maron Kohinata’s fans


Ms. Maron Kohinata

Mr. niko(illustration)


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