【S girlfriend / Himari】Serving Girl 05: First time while being threatened by a doem JK!

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Title:Serving Girl 05: First time while being threatened by a doem JK!
Maker:S girlfriend / Himari
Release date:2020/10/03
Genre:Collar/chain/restraints, Decadence/immorality/immorality, sexploitation, SM, Lewd, Forced/Forced, DeepThroating, whispering

What is the fate of a virgin teacher who is taken in by a strong, greedy, doomed girl?

The fifth installment of the Girl Edition of the [Service] series tells the story of a virgin teacher who is asked by a doomed JK to rape her.

You are a dull, virgin teacher without a girlfriend.
This is the story of a virgin teacher who is asked by a doomed JK to rape her.
It’s a great way to get to know your students better.

[I want you to fuck me and play with me].

A girl who abuses you and scorns you when you are confused and don’t know what she is talking about.
Despite her sadistic tone, the girl wants to be raped by you.
Of course, there is no favoritism there.
There is no hint of a joke.

The girl was a slutty doormat JK who wore an honor student mask.

It’s a great way to get to know a person’s personality.
Their actions gradually escalate into more and more lewd play.

When a student threatens her, she begins to enjoy her body as she pleases.
The hidden talent of a do-gooder is awakened in you.

A girl calls me into the guidance office and asks me to rape her.
The girl who scorned and belittled your confusion was filled with anger.

The girl strikes a sensational pose and begins to suck your cock some more.
Unable to resist his sexual desires, he ejaculates into the girl’s mouth by deep-throating her.
Still not satisfied, the girl continues to abuse you further, and you rape her in anger.
The girl’s cursing does not subside, though she comes to her senses as she pours her cum into the girl’s vagina.

A few days later, you still don’t feel like you did then.
But the girl calls you master and whispers vulgar and obscene words to you again.
You are intensely aroused by the girl who pours pee into a plastic bottle and smiles at you, telling you that you can scare me with it.
When you fuck a girl in the back while standing up, she climaxes repeatedly and is happy.
It’s not that you don’t want to be fucked, but you’re happy to be fucked, and you laugh at the idea of putting on a birthing show at your graduation ceremony.

After school, you take a walk around the school with a rotor in the girl’s vagina.
Then, in the girl’s class, you put a collar on her, take off her clothes, and treat her like a dog.
He fucks the girl in messuine play, switching to anal sex halfway through and ejaculating into her bowels.
Yet, the girl still makes you feel heartbroken, as if rape play is not enough.

In the guidance office, you tie the girl’s hands and feet, blindfold her, and leave her with a muzzle on.
The girl wants someone to come and rape her, but you don’t want to give her to anyone.
Eventually, you go back to rape the girl yourself, leaving her there to be played.
Slapping her ass with a dildo still in her vagina and playing SM.
And the first thing he does is fuck her vagina normally.
He pulls out and then inserts the dildo back into her vagina.
Then I fucked myself raw on the anus and ejaculated heavily into my bowels.

When you have finally played to your satisfaction, the girl asks for more rape.

This is a bonus version of being shackled and having no voice in your mind.
There is no SE for the writhing part.

06 Omake
This is the only audio of the part where she is writhing in agony while being shackled.
There is no SE. Also, it is different from the pattern used in 05ex.

Total time 01:20:26 (with SE/without 05ex/without 06 omake)

The product version comes in two sets, one without SE and one with, so you can choose the one you like best (depending on the content, there may be no SE).
Please check out the demo version for characterization, voice quality, and story content.

Stereo recording sound source.
441kHz/320kbps mp3 version and 48kHz/24bit wav version.

A txt file of the script.
Package image wallpaper jpg file.

BGM is not included.

Voice actor: Himari
Illustration: Rocco


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