【Moxo Zabuton】My aunt who does everything for me

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Title:My aunt who does everything for me
Maker:Moxo Zabuton
Release date:2020/10/01
Genre:Maniac/pervert, Maturewoman, agedifference, Cuckold, hairyface, gangrape, Bigtits/bigtits, Bigtits/bigtits

Story, work format, etc.

A student [Makoto] is with a mature woman [Rinko] who is about two years older than him.
She worked hard at having sex every day.

Not to mention daily intercourse, penetration to prepare for pregnancy, and outdoor exposure.

It’s not just about daily intercourse.

Rinko, on the other hand, was happily accepting such an act.

However, Rinko has a very serious situation.

What was the reason for this situation…?

The story progresses from the perspective of the student “Makoto" and the mature woman “Rinko".

It is a combined format of text, CG, and manga.
The form of expression is switched between the novel part and the manga part.

All 3 stories of SS
32 pages of color manga
9 color CG (40 kinds including difference)
10 monochrome illustrations
6 monochrome manga pages

html, PDF, and JPEG versions are available.
Please choose the most suitable one for each environment to browse.
The html version is available from the site [Mokuzo Zabuton] and the novel
The html is the same as the novel on the site [Mokuzo Zabuton], so please take this opportunity to visit the site once.
The html is the same as the novel on the site [Mokuzo Zabuton], so please take this opportunity to visit the site and see if it is suitable for you.

Mature Woman [Rinko Profile].

何でもしてくれる僕のおばさん [モクゾウザブトン]

Name Rinko Oba (Tomoko Oba)
Age 37
Height 163 cm
Weight 63 kg
Three sizes
B 126
W 72
H 96
Badminton, sports in general
Visiting aquariums


Living alone in a maisonette-type apartment.
She works part-time. Because of her extraordinary big breasts.
Although she is a senior citizen, she is very popular at her part-time job and has a lot of sexual experience.

However, it is not the cause of being single and having numerous experiences with men.
I’m not going to talk about that because there are a lot of complications.


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