【Shukuniku2】Gonzake Fantasy – The Real Face of the Girl I Don’t Know

[Ranking]24 Hours:#15, 7 Days:#30, 30 Days:#97
Title:Gonzake Fantasy – The Real Face of the Girl I Don’t Know
Release date:2020/10/01
Genre:childhoodfriend, fantasy, Cuckold, Bigtits/bigtits


A short story about cuckoldry that takes place in a small royal palace!
The queen, the priestess, and the female knight show a lot of lasciviousness to only her in the screen.
The heroines who expose their “female" faces in the small screen that you can never see normally.

The noble queen who allows her body to be used by a rich merchant for the sake of the prince and the country.
A book leads to a fateful encounter with an innocent priestess, and the end result is a man who goes to the cathedral.
The story of a young man who meets a beautiful priestess through a book.
In this volume, which contains the above queen, priest, and knight editions.

It also comes with the usual extra GIFs!

14 basic HCGs plus differences
Total of 119 pictures
Image size is 1600×900

In the smartphone version, [extra GIFs] are only available for browser viewing.


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