【Hungry set meal】Hungry Hungry Set Meal Bulk Pack

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Title:Hungry Hungry Set Meal Bulk Pack
Maker:Hungry set meal
Release date:2020/10/02
Genre:Marriedwomen, cuckold, Shota, Nakadashi, Incest, Anal, Bigtits, whippedtits

A set of nine pieces from past original works.

[I recently found out about Hungry Hungry Teishoku and want to follow the past works, but]
If you’re considering it, why not take this opportunity?
Single item sales total 7920 yen (tax included)

Included works

-I’ve been away for a while, and I’m going to give my beautiful Nordic wife a sexual massage! It was supposed to be a light cuckold.
A story about hiring a sexual masseuse for his wife.
188 pages (CG collection format)

-Why I went from being a mother to a whore mother. (RJ226944)
A story about a mother and son having a sexual relationship. (
) Page 45

-Hummingbird Paradise (RJ186454)
A story about two orphans growing up and being tossed around in a religious institution.
Page 112

-Hummingbird Paradise: The Conclusion (RJ201683)
A story about two orphans growing up and being tossed around in a religious institution.完結編
Page 94

-I Still Love My Mom (RJ144361)
The story of a baby-faced mom and her motherfucking son
111 pages (CG collection format)

-Sleeping Beauty (RJ138359)
Onee●●●NTR manga
Page 55

-How to make a whore (RJ123741)
NTR manga about a couple + trash man + whore
100 pages

-Noriaki-kun and Haruka-san (RJ103514)
A couple + their friend’s son NTR manga
Page 71

-Cuckold wife Aiko (RJ096868)
A manga about a wife having an affair with her neighbor while her husband is on a business trip.
Page 54

All 9 works
830 pages total
The contents of each work are the same as those sold individually.


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