【Poizun / Usagi Yukihime】[ear licking specialization] I can’t! Miko Goddess [KU100 & Foley Sound].

[Ranking]24 Hours:#6, 7 Days:#21, 30 Days:#61
Title:[ear licking specialization] I can’t! Miko Goddess [KU100 & Foley Sound].
Maker:Poizun / Usagi Yukihime
Release date:2020/10/01
Genre:Binaural/Damihe, ASMR, Maiden, Love/Love/Amaa, handjob, Fellatio, Earlicking


He is always cheerful and makes everyone around him cheerful.
I came to a shrine where there is such a shrine maiden for exorcism, but
The atmosphere of the shrine maiden seems different from usual…?

A shrine maiden possessed by an erotic spirit.

I will gently heal your mind and body.

The voice of the ejaculation assistance.
Ejaculation with hand job Ejaculation with blow job Ejaculation in the bath
Ejaculation with a towel masturbator Ejaculation with a miko pussy

It’s a great way to get a variety of situations efficiently arranged in two hours.
We will support your ejaculation.

We have recorded the passionate performance of CV Usagi Yukihime with KU100 microphone, and are ready to assist you with your ejaculation.
The SE is done in a dedicated Foley sound studio, one of the few in Japan.
The SE is produced in one of the few studios in Japan dedicated to Foley sound, by dedicated professional staff, all in high-resolution standard.
The sound and voice, the very voice, is used to the fullest, full of realism.
You will be able to enjoy the sound and voice.

A tantalizing ear lick that goes deep into the ear and even deeper into the ear.
Please enjoy the gentle whispering for two hours.

Popular Game Miko Goddess Heroine [Koyori Amamiya].

【耳舐め特化】いけない! 巫女神さま【KU100&フォーリーサウンド】 [ぽいずん]

This audio work features the heroine of a very popular game.
We have also used the CV as it is in the audio work.

This is a character with a lot of experience and familiarity.
Please enjoy her natural acting and charm!

I can’t do it! Miko Goddess Composition

  • Prologue
  • Get rid of evil spirits with hand jobs and ear licking!
  • Let’s get rid of evil spirits with a thick blowjob.
  • Get rid of evil spirits with towel masturbation in the bath.
  • Get rid of evil spirits with thick sex with a shrine maiden.
  • Epilogue


  • Production: Poizun
  • Scenario: White Crow Ding
  • Voice actor: Usagi Yukihime
  • Illustration by Amehiko Fukayama


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