【blue lung】The Secret of Dusk

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Title:The Secret of Dusk
Maker:blue lung
Release date:2020/10/01
Genre:boy, Shota, teacher, Student, School/Academy, Creampie, Adultery, Blackhair

Every Thursday after school, Rui Kuroda has a secret promise to his teacher…
This is a short story about a boy and his teacher who indulge in sex at school after school, and even though they almost get caught in the act, they can’t stop their desire.

-Rui Kuroda, a second-year student. She is a serious and quiet girl in her class and has few friends. She likes Mr. Hiyama, and secretly looks forward to Thursdays when she is on cleaning duty and the two of them can be alone.
Hiyama-sensei is a 28-year-old social studies teacher. He is strong and unsociable, but somehow popular with his students. He has more feelings for Kuroda than just one student.

[main content] student and teacher, school run, black hair, shota, boy, age difference, body size difference, cross section, man to man

[Specification]1p cover + 20p text + 1p extra



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