【Mee’s Yawn】Amateur masturbation.

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Title:Amateur masturbation.
Maker:Mee’s Yawn
Release date:2020/10/02
Genre:Boobs, toys, Dailylife, Non-fiction/testimonials, Exposure, BigTits

Full ad-libbed demonstration masturbation work without scenario.

Total time: about 51 minutes
WAV data and MP3 data included

Introduction of F-cup perverted intellectual science girl Miku

素人ガチオナニー♪ヘンタイ高学歴リケジョ Fカップ女子大生 みく22歳(アダルトショップでこっそりオナニー編) [みーのあくび]

Miku is proud of her well-shaped F-cup breasts and her gravure figure, and she is a highly educated JD attending a famous university.

She is an intelligent science girl, but she likes to masturbate in parking lots and parks where there is no one around.

She also gets off on recording dirty voices, and this time she hits an adult store that is open for business!

I said, “What if someone sees me like this?" and then I put my hand inside my pants…

Composition and recording time

1 Self-introduction and answers to questions (14:17)
This is a self-introduction & answers to naughty questions that Miku talks about nakedly.
I’m not a big fan of the word “pervert", but I’m not a big fan of the word “pervert".

2 Electric masturbation in the bathroom(11:24)
Miku climaxes as she pushes the electric machine against her, her voice echoing in the small unit bathroom.

When the stimulation in the shower was not enough, she said, “It’s so frustrating! and started to fingerbang her and she came hard.

3 How many times can you cum in 15 minutes?
Miku, who says that the most she has ever come in one go is two or three times, takes on the continuous climax challenge.

As she masturbates with her fingers while watching porn, she begins to make loud moaning sounds and repeatedly masturbates.

Even when she’s exhausted, she starts to tease him, saying, “Just one more time…" and he comes in rapid succession!

4 Masturbation in an adult store (12:49)
I came here in the pouring rain to a certain store’s adult goods section.

I touched my clitoris over my clothes, nervous about the other customers’ presence, wondering what would happen if they heard my voice or something…

It’s a great way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your vacation.

Work notes

  • I’m a college student, biology major, no girlfriend, but I do have a sex life.
  • She looks like Shiori from Momoiro.
  • Her style is gravure type. Her big eyes are her charm point.
  • I wear tight T-shirts, jerseys, and loungewear now.
  • I’m often told that my boobs are beautiful, and I think they are too.
  • My nipples are a little bit big, and my areola is a little bit bigger.
  • I’m a little embarrassed because my pussy is not symmetrical, the left side is very big and the right side is not at all.
  • I’m proud of my style, I’m a glamour type 92-61-92 F cup
  • I’ve been with 5 guys, had sex with 6 guys, first kiss was in middle school, first sex was with my 3rd boyfriend in high school.
  • I’ve been in a couple of relationships.
  • I’ve never been naked before. I’m curious to see how it feels.
  • I like to be verbally abused. I ask my boyfriend to verbally abuse me and tease me.
  • I’ve masturbated in places like parking lots and parks where there is no one around.
  • My favorite position is normal. I like to feel my breasts against a man’s body, and I’m happy when he’s happy too.
  • My sex points are my clitoris and breasts I like to be clenched I like to take my time with sex I like lovey-dovey sex
  • I can take the lead either way. I like to be verbally abused and I like to do it too. I get excited when I am verbally abused.
  • I love it when someone says in my ear, “You’re a real pervert to be happy with this.
  • I watch porn when I’m horny. I get drunk and watch porn like “At the reunion".
  • I like to give blowjobs. I’m the type of person who wants to do my best for my partner, so I like to make him happy. I’m happy when people say that my face while giving blowjobs is erotic.
  • I like to watch pornography at reunions.
  • I can have sex with someone even if I don’t like them. I can have sex with someone when I feel like it.
  • I like my sex life to be cheerful I like to be looked at I like to be looked at and told that I have a sexy body
  • I like lovemaking and soft verbal abuse. I can be both S and M. I don’t like pain or rough treatment.
  • First time masturbation: About ○○ I read adult novels and play with my clit with my fingers
  • When I was a student, I masturbated with an electric eraser. I masturbated with a tool that had an eraser attached to the end that spun around.
  • I masturbate a few times a week, and I’ve come two or three times in one masturbation session.
  • I sometimes get horny and do it again, although I go limp after I cum once.
  • When I’m horny, I watch videos.
  • When I’m horny, I watch videos of myself getting drunk and getting fucked.
  • I’ve only ever used clitoral stimulation tools, so I’d like to try a vaginal tool.


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