【The World Wide Web】The Case of the Girlfriend Who Was Cuckolded Before I Knew It and Asked Me to Be Her [Masochistic Boyfriend] – She’s His Flesh and Blood, Hesitant Even to Hold His Hand

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Title:The Case of the Girlfriend Who Was Cuckolded Before I Knew It and Asked Me to Be Her [Masochistic Boyfriend] – She’s His Flesh and Blood, Hesitant Even to Hold His Hand
Maker:The World Wide Web
Release date:2020/10/03
Genre:Noreversal, floating, cuckold, Verbalabuse, demon, Bigtits/bigtits, Slender, virgin

Before I knew it, I was being cuckolded by a girlfriend who asked me to be her masochistic boyfriend – she hesitated to even hold hands with me, and she’s his flesh and blood.


A reserved and quiet literary girl who loves to read books in the library.
It’s a great way to get to know the people in your life.

So, until she was corrupted by that man.
She was so naive and innocent that she hesitated to even hold hands with me.

You will never be able to take your eyes off of her as she happily crawls her tongue over a stranger’s penis and vows to be his slave.

This is an adult audio work.
Earphones or headphones are recommended for viewing.

Teen love/ pure love/ lovey-dovey/
Video Letters, Cuckold Reports, Blowjobs, Confessions
Cuckold/video/ejaculation instructions/
Cuckold dating/outdoor/show-off sex/
Show-and-tell sex/preparing for sex/cocksucking
Creampie / masturbation instruction / chastity belt

A shy, literary girl who loves books and is always in the library during her breaks.
You confess your love to such a girl and you become her lover.
A girl who loves books and is always in the library during her breaks.
You meet her after a long time between studying for a test, and she invites you to her home.

You visit her house with a bit of anticipation and nervousness.
However, what awaits you there is an unexpected event.

She told you that she had a video that she wanted you to watch, and you watched it with her.
I’ve never seen her lick a man’s penis before.
She was being blackmailed and trained by the man while she was away for a test.

Already trained and corrupted to the point where she can’t stay away from a man, she makes you a proposal.

[Will you be my cuckold masochist boyfriend?]

Synopsis of each track

-Track 1 [At the Library].
Two people meet up at the library and spend some quiet time together.
You and she are not yet in a relationship with each other as a man and a woman, and you talk as you slowly grasp the distance between you.
It was a scene filled with happiness, as the two of you were a perfect match by all accounts.
It was.

-Track 2 [The coming together tear].
You and your girlfriend went on a date at the zoo to make up for the time you didn’t see each other for a while because you were studying for a test.
On the way home, she tells you how happy she is to see you after all these years.
She asks you if you’d like to come over to her house so she can take a look at something.
You enter the house with anticipation and nervousness, and you watch a video with her.

-Track 3 [The Girl Behind the Screen]
In the video you are shown, you see her naked with a man you don’t know.
In the video, she was blackmailed and forcibly raped by this man before, and since then she has been constantly trained by a man who is a teacher at the school, both inside and outside the school.
I’ll prove it to you now and start sucking his cock.
It’s not as if she’s being forced to suck a man’s cock.
You can see that she is really into it.

-Track 4 [together].
You are stunned when the video ends and she asks you how it was, and you ask her what she means in reverse.
But she replies that [this is what I wanted to tell you].
It’s a good idea to have a good idea of what you’re looking for.
In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
In the event that you’re not sure what you’re doing, you’ll be able to take a look at the video together.
If you get a boner watching it, you are a cuckold masochist.
As she whispers seduction to you, you eventually awaken to your own desires. ……

-Track 5 [Convenient Girlfriend].
You’ve agreed to be a submissive cuckold couple with her.
It was a date for you and her today, but you are suddenly summoned to an alleyway with her when a man contacts you.
This is the first time you see the man face to face, and he shows you his affair with her right in front of your eyes.
It’s a great way to get to know the people in your life.

-Track 6 [Crashing Together]
You and your partner have been summoned by a man to a room in a love hotel that day.
There you were ordered to prepare her [hole] for the man.
The first time you touched her private parts under someone else’s command, you caressed her with hesitation.

And you hold her legs down with your own hands, preparing them for easy penetration by a man.
As you watch at close range as she moans louder than when you touched her.
You feel the shock of her being raped on your body.

-Track 6 [Marry Me].
You are called home by her.
There, of course, she and the man were waiting for you.
And the meaning of this day is told there.
It’s the day her ovaries ovulate, which means it’s a dangerous day.
Of course, the child you conceive will not be yours.
And yet, she still tells you this.
I want you to marry me.


Product Specifications

Audio track in wav format and package illustration

To begin with | 00:58
Scene 1 | 07:13
Scene 2 | 05:02
Scene 3 | 19:05
Scene 4 | 18:15
Scene 5 | 32:08
Scene 6 | 36:17
Scene 7 | 22:13

Total: 2 hours, 21 minutes, 11 seconds

Staff (honorifics omitted)
Planning and production circle: Fuuka Yukigetsu

Planning: Tsukiyuki Kaya
Voice: Aizuki Otoho

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