【Arche-Type/Kanoko】[KU100] Amagiri Miharu’s Ecchi Game! [Binaural]

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Title:[KU100] Amagiri Miharu’s Ecchi Game! [Binaural]
Release date:2020/10/02
Genre:ASMR, Student, handjob, Creampie, Fellatio, Verbalabuse, JapaneseRape, Earlicking


You are the tutor of a cheeky student, Miharu Amagiri.
Because of their close age, Miharu seems to be interested in her teacher.
After the usual class, Miharu is trying to close the distance between you and her.
She suggests that you teach her a health and physical education class.

Heroine: Miharu Amagiri

【KU100】天霧美春のエッチな勝負!【バイノーラル】 [Arche-Type]

A tutor student.

A student of the tutor’s. As a result of indulging in athletic activities and playing around, she has become one of the lowest achievers in school.
Your mother can’t stand the sight of you and decides to hire a tutor (you).
With the help of the teacher’s efforts, Miharu’s grades quickly rose.

As a result [it’s because I have high specs!] I started to get carried away. These days, though, she seems to be concerned about how well you and her sister are getting along.


  • 01 Miharu’s provocation [about 6 minutes].
  • 02Biharu’s ear licking hand job part1[about 18min].
  • 03Miharu Amagiri’s naughty game! [about 6min].
  • 04Miharu’s ear licking hand job part2[about 22min].
  • 05Having sex with Miharu[about 31min].
  • 06The love affair between a teacher and her student[about 2min].
  • Total recording time[about 1 hour and 25 minutes].


01Chan Miharu’s provocation
You’ve finished Miharu’s class, as usual.
Miharu asks you to teach her a health and physical education class.
(no sex)

02 Miharu’s ear licking hand job part1
Health and Physical Education is a temporary name.
It’s a sex class that really started.
Miharu licks my ears while I squirm on the teacher’s cock.
(ear licking, hand job, verbal abuse)

03Amagiri Miharu’s naughty game!
You come to an internet cafe together with Miharu due to her selfishness.
You’re in an internet cafe with Miharu, and she’s taking advantage of the fact that you’re in a locked room to challenge you to a sex game.
(no sex)

04 Miharu’s ear licking hand job part2
There may be other customers next door.
In this tense situation, Miharu is relentless.
I will blame and blame and blame your ears and your penis.

(Ear licking, hand job, verbal abuse)

05Having sex with Miharu
In order to win the sex game, Miharu finally decides to play hardball.
Take off all your clothes and put your cock against your vagina.
(blowjob, ball licking, ear licking, hugging, face-to-face sitting)

06The love affair between teacher and student
What happens after they finish their naughty game?

Cast and Staff

  • Planning: Arche-Type
  • Illustration:Mr. Dopikasu
  • Voice actor: Kanoko-sama
  • Voice editing: Mr. Tatsumi
  • Scenario: Alpha


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