【Explosion gourd brain site】Underground Squash Farm

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Title:Underground Squash Farm
Maker:Explosion gourd brain site
Release date:2021/05/31
Genre:Schoolswimwear, TimeStop, Creampie, confinement, Hypnosis, Brainwashing

I’ve heard rumors that you’ve been to a water farm.

Through a special route, I was able to get to the underground water farm of a world class collector.
I was able to visit the underground water farm of a world collector through a special route.

There are a large number of Sukusui in the basement, let the money bore you.
Not only do they collect, but they also cum in a good [nursery].
By seeding, you can slowly and gradually get rid of the squash.

The company is also focusing on “training" to make them grow.

This time, I was not only able to observe the seeding
I was able to observe the breeding process, but I also got to [feed] a special schoolgirl I liked.
I was able to experience it!

I was convinced that this experience would be a treasure for the rest of my life.

That’s all

Size 1280×960(Main)
14 basic CG, 15 pages of differences, 29 pages in total
As a bonus, we’ve added 6 scrubby CGs (12 differential) created for paying members.


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