【Sugar Voice / Kaede Akino】This is a great way to get to know the people you love.

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Title:This is a great way to get to know the people you love.
Maker:Sugar Voice / Kaede Akino
Release date:2020/10/03
Genre:SailorSuit, earscratching, lovey-dovey, handjob, Milking, Earlicking


Lustful Girlfriend Series.
This time, you can have a sweet and lovey life with JK android.
The highlight of this work is the alarm that tells you the emotions of the JK androids.

For example, if you fall in love with a JK android, an alarm will go off saying, “Your liking level has increased.

In addition, JK Androids have a [sassy mouth pussy mode] that will give you a nasty blowjob.
If you want to make love to a JK, this is the work for you.

This is a lovey-dovey erotic voice that allows you to taste youthful things like dating in the house and picking up seashells at the beach.

-Lactation Hand Job
-bubbling play
-A little blame

It is a work that is filled with various kinds of play.

#1 Product Description
You receive a free sample of the JK android Ren at home. The trial product, Ren, starts up in JK mode.
You can listen to an explanation about Ren in this part.

#2I’ll give you a back flush.
I’m going to have my back washed. I’m going to ask her to wash my back, but I’m also going to ask her to wash my body.
His dick is getting more and more erect. Love blushes at the sight of it, but…

I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

“I want to ejaculate from JK’s hand job.

and ejaculate with a hand job while being ear licked.

#3 massaging you and —.
When I get out of the bath, my love dries my hair.
Then, the promised massage. When I was massaging, I happened to kiss my love.
A lusty love is coming for you.
Hand job while blaming love’s nipples.
You will be stopped short. —-

#4Date at the beach.
Love and dating at the beach.
I have a date and I have to find a seashell.
Finally, love slips up and confesses.

#5 knee-jerk play
After an ear scraping, a nursing hand job while licking her tits and spoiling her love.
I ejaculate comfortably on the countdown while being gently tortured by my love.

#6 Sex on a holiday morning.
When you don’t get out of your futon, love enters your futon and plays tricks on you.

You whisper in my ear while I reel you in and jerk you off. —– I’m sure you’ve been biting and humming your ears, but now you’re going to be licking my ears with great intensity. I’m sure you’ll be able to understand what I mean.
In the futon, finally lovemaking cowgirl sex.
It’s a great way to get a good night’s sleep.

#7 bonus audio
The love that was returned at the end of the trial period has returned.
A snuggle mode has been added, which was not in the free trial.
Counting sheep and sycophants while sleeping together.
Siko siko. Siko siko. Siko siko while ear licking.
Finally, she finishes with a hand job while being told that she likes it.

It’s a work full of lovey-dovey elements, so please look forward to it!

To receive the bonus audio, please enter the password for the [bonus audio PW] included in this work at
Please visit the following website to listen to it (*member registration is required to listen to it)

Sound material: Circle [Dieblest].
Title[Various sound effects 100].

効果音素材:ポケットサウンド https://pocket-se.info/


[授乳手コキ,耳かき,あまあまプレイあり]欲情彼女-JKアンドロイドと恋人生活してみませんか? [Sugar Voice]

Name: Ren
A JK android. She has feelings and can live a loving life with JK as if she were a lover. She’s a little shy when it comes to sex, but when you stimulate her, she becomes more and more naughty. There are alarms that let you know the level of excitement and happiness, so you can enjoy the changes in your feelings of love.

Track List

  • Product Description
  • Do you want me to wash your back?
  • I’m massaging you —-
  • Date at the beach.
  • Playing with a kneecap.
  • Sex on a holiday morning


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