【Whimsical Haunted Cat】Mourning Witch Happy Life: Cheeky Shota-kun and the Magic Wand

[Ranking]24 Hours:#18
Title:Mourning Witch Happy Life: Cheeky Shota-kun and the Magic Wand
Maker:Whimsical Haunted Cat
Release date:2020/04/10
Genre:Love/Love/Amaama, Oneshota, verbalabuse, ReverseRape, maleacceptance, anal, Futa-nari

[The happy sex life of a mature futanari witch and a life twisting ass masochist boy].

The world is a place where you can learn about the world.
There is public awareness of the two-tiered system.

A friendly world without discrimination and prejudice

The best way to get the most out of your life is to be a good friend.
After that, I’d fuck him, make out with him, argue with him, and beat him with my dick.

This is a CG collection.

-Main story
-no text
35 pages of sex scenes
+43 pages without text
(plus a few extra pages)

◇ ◇◇ Character introduction ◇◇ ◇◇ ◇◇ ◇◇ ◇◇

  • 喪女Witchハッピーライフ ~生意気ショタ君と魔法の杖~ [気まぐれな化け猫]


    Height: 165cm Weight: 60kg
    An ordinary college student who likes gothic fashion.
    From the countryside, started living alone when she entered university.
    However, she is not good at communicating with others and is alone both at the university and in her apartment.
    My parents are well-off, and I live a comfortable life, both in terms of lifestyle and hobbies, while focusing on my studies.

    I have a high sex drive.
    I’ve been masturbating an average of five times a day since I first learned.
    I’m a bit of a shota-con and would love to be raped by a cute little boy someday, or if I had to, I’d fuck him.
    However, I don’t have the guts to act on it, so I’ve been digesting it through illustrations on the Internet.

  • 喪女Witchハッピーライフ ~生意気ショタ君と魔法の杖~ [気まぐれな化け猫]


    A student who lives near the witch’s apartment building. He uses the park as his base, and always hangs out with a few friends.
    My parents are busy working together.
    [I really want to be spoiled and selfish, but I don’t want to bother my parents].
    I’m sure you’ll be able to understand why.

    I know how to masturbate and have sex, but I’m too afraid to climax to be familiar with it.
    I have a small dick.

    Typical [the type who plays tricks on the girls he likes].


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