【Amejisuto Darkness】Lost Kitten

[Ranking]24 Hours:#5, 7 Days:#16, 30 Days:#46
Title:Lost Kitten
Maker:Amejisuto Darkness
Release date:2020/04/18
Genre:Kemono/beastmen, Omoshiro, swallowingwhole, humiliation, Tentacle, catnip


Today we have a family picnic.

The cat girl who was enjoying the picnic
While chasing a butterfly for her sisters.
She wanders deep into the forest.

There was a single tree growing there, the largest and most suspicious of all.
A kitten resting in the shade of a tree.

And then, when the evil tentacles reach out to her tiny, untainted body…!

Several tentacles entwine around the girl’s limbs and take away her freedom.
An aphrodisiac sap was poured into her mouth, which screamed involuntarily.

And [the tree] swallowed the kitten’s body whole.
As if to wake her from her daze.
The extremely thick tentacles pry open the kitten’s vagina–!

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-Cat Mimi
-losing virginity
-two-hole torture

PN: Erotch


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