【TGA】Geeky sober girl with big hidden tits

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Title:Geeky sober girl with big hidden tits
Release date:2020/03/05
Genre:tits, tool/foreignobject, glasses, Kimono/Japaneseclothes, Creampie, Lesbian/WomanonWoman, Anal, Twintails

Geek princess with hidden big tits likes to have sex!

It’s a story about a girl with glasses who joins a certain otaku club, Sakira. But when you take a closer look at her, you’ll find that she’s beautiful, has big tits, and is a goddess who doesn’t mind having sex with you!

I was so excited when Sakira showed off her cosplay of a popular character!

It’s okay to make them naked and masturbate if it’s for “reference purposes"!

“Hmmm, hmmm! Is this okay? …… Mmm!

<>I’m sorry.
[I can’t stop fingering you, I’m so embarrassed!]
[I’m going to be so naughty, I’m sorry for being so naughty!]

I’m a guest on Sakira’s channel.
This is the first time I’ve been able to use a toy for naughty purposes.
[Oh my god, this is so strong, I’m going to gouge myself!]
[It’s full of buzzing! It feels good inside and out!]
[I’m going to come!]

-10 basic CGs + alpha
-151 pages of main story including differences
-302 total pages
-Illustration only version is also included
[production cooperation/crunchy].
This work is the content with permission of the copyright holder.


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