【eyebrow shop】La0s PTTP Magnum

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Title:La0s PTTP Magnum
Maker:eyebrow shop
Release date:2019/12/26

A secondary novella in the La*s series by Alice So*t.

A story about a girl who wakes up in the middle of nowhere.
That’s when I came across this PTTP drug.
The big character is flattened by the PTTP medicine.
Keep your floppy characters intact.
Everyone is flattened!
This is a novel. Like an event scene in a game.
You can read it by clicking on it.

The characters are
Kanami, Merim-Tseh, and Feli.
Ibuwan, Ke-Bunyan, Cessna-Beer
La Saisse ○, La Hausse ○, Apostle Yu ○.
Sheila – Hel*n, Cafe – Art*l, Kenshin – Sugi

20 CGs + lots of face CGs and differences.
This is a good volume of 210KB of text (including script).
The operating environment is a WWW browser compatible with HTML5. Checked at
・Windows 7:Chrome、Firefox、Opera、Internet Explorer
・Windows 10:Chrome、Firefox、Opera
・Android 4:Chrome、Firefox、Opera
Confirmed by
The operation check page is here.

A little notice.
The novel work that used JAVA of the eyebrow shop, all the work.
The HTML5 version of all the novels is now available.
If you have updated JAVA and it doesn’t work anymore
Please take a peek at the URL above.


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