【Tickle Tick】Tickle energy research report by Tickle aliens

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Title:Tickle energy research report by Tickle aliens
Maker:Tickle Tick
Release date:2019/12/25
Genre:SF, Tickle

extraterrestrial intelligence – the Tickle aliens.
They came to Earth for a purpose.

They are capable of meeting the energy needs of their home planet, Tikr.
To discover clean energy.

And the energy they have their eyes on is
Tickle Energy] a.k.a. [TK Energy], which is the mental energy generated by tickling humans.

In their hideaway, research is being conducted day and night to recover the TK energy for practical use.

The experiments are sometimes done with gentle stimulation.
The experiments were conducted sometimes with gentle stimulation and sometimes with intense stimulation.

This is part of the record of such an experiment.

~Information about the work

15 pages of the main story + 4 pages of Tickle aliens setting material
Contains both color ver. and gray ver.

Image size–long side 1600px


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