【Starzio Tapa Tapa】Daddy-Long-Legs #3

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Title:Daddy-Long-Legs #3
Maker:Starzio Tapa Tapa
Release date:2019/12/24
Genre:butt/hip, Cuckold, Creampie, Shame/humiliation, Bigtits, Whipple

I’m going to take the place of a younger female student and her [daddy’s] partner (in order to refuse the promise).
I decided to meet with her, Giffen-chan… and after drinking the tea she offered me, I lost consciousness.

I found myself in the middle of the night after my innocence had been trampled by a vile man.
The day I was summoned again by an email with an embarrassing picture attached
By chance, it was the Sunday that I had promised to go on my first date with Fatty-kun.

As a bonus for the DL version
You can get a copy of the original version (without hair and freckles).
The name (storyboard) of the main story, and the cover image without text will be included.


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