【Raynaud’s Syndrome / From the Edge 】Squeezed out by a little devilish junior girl

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Title:Squeezed out by a little devilish junior girl

Maker:Raynaud’s Syndrome / From the Edge

Release date:2019/12/24
Genre:Binaural/Damihe\r\n, Senior/Senior\r\n, handjob\r\n, intravaginal(anal, etc.)ejaculation\r\n, blowjob\r\n, verbalabuse\r\n

I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a great way to get to know your fellow students.


After school, you were helping a younger girl with her work for a committee.

It was dusk, and before I knew it, we were alone in the room.

You’ve been so busy that your libido is pent up, and your crotch is erect.

A younger colleague notices this in a small way and whispers to you with a mischievous smile.

I can’t help it, so I’m going to use my hands to shank your cock.

Ever since that day, I’ve remembered the feel of a girl’s soft hands on me.

You can’t get enough of masturbation anymore, and you are gradually captivated by her devilish side.

小悪魔な後輩ちゃんに搾り取られる [レイノーシンドローム]

01. Squeezed by the hands of a junior girl(10:50)

I’m sure you’ve got an erection that you can see through your pants.

“A girl’s hands are softer than a man’s, so it’s a totally different feeling than when you’re masturbating alone and lonely, isn’t it?

“Do your hands and cunt feel good?

02. Squeezed out by the mouth of a junior girl(15:34)

“Senior, it’s clear that you only see girls as tools for sex…

“I will discipline your uncontrolled dick with my oral blowjob.

“I’m going to spit my sperm, which I don’t usually have any use for, into the girl’s mouth, make her drink it, and mark her from the inside out.

03. Squeezed out by raw sex with junior girl(14:54)

“You’ve been breathing hard for a while now, and you’ve got the eyes of a male with bare sex drive.

“Self-centered dicks who only see girls as a way to relieve their sexual desires.

I’m not sure what to do, but I’m going to try.

Total recording time: approx. 40 min.

Contents of the package

No SE ver (no sound effect diff)

Cover illustration without logo ver

Voice actor: Koyori Edge

Illustration by AL Mikan

Produced and copyrighted by Raynaud’s Syndrome


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