【Krachware】Pop x Fantasy UI Material Set

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Title:Pop x Fantasy UI Material Set
Release date:2019/12/23

A set of pop and fantasy UI and decoration materials. This set contains a lot of UI materials such as stretchable windows and buttons that can be used in Udita and Unity, as well as decorations and icons that can be used in game production.
Please note that there are no Tucool standard materials in this set. Please be careful.
This is a large size file designed for Full HD (1920x1080px), but several size variations are available for use with smaller resolutions.
Also included are 7 ready-to-use templates (rasterized PSD format) for those who are not good at layout work. You can edit them regardless of the software, as long as it supports layer groups.

*Terms of Use
This material can be used for creative purposes only. As a general rule, we do not allow designers to use this material in their outsourced work.
You can use this material for any purpose to create works for yourself or your club.

OK: Use for purposes other than games
Not only for illustrations and videos, but also for printed materials such as doujinshi and card games.
OK: Use for commercial purposes or in adult-oriented works (except for works that are offensive to public order and morals)
OK; no restrictions on processing
However, it is prohibited to publish the processed material as new material.
-:Use on the web
Please refrain from using the material itself in a form that can be downloaded. Buttons with text already inserted are allowed.
NG: Use for [design work] with or without profit.
Please do not use it as a UI design service, even if it is free of charge.
This does not apply to the personal work of the designer or when the purchaser of the book asks the purchaser of the material to do so for free.
NG: Use in a form that can be used by those who have not purchased the material, such as a template.
NG: Distribution or sale of the material itself, including after processing.

There is no obligation to report or credit. If you do, please just mention [Krachware].


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