【Mirion Love】PerfectLesson0: The fall of the Shimano family

[Ranking]24 Hours:#21
Title:PerfectLesson0: The fall of the Shimano family
Maker:Mirion Love
Release date:2019/12/22
Genre:MarriedWoman, Creampie, Torture, Enema, Shame/humiliation, Scatology

This is a book about training the mothers and daughters of the idol mothers, the Cinderella Girls, and the Shimano family.

This is a book about an idol, Uzuki, who has to do a pillow fight.
Her body is played with and developed by men.

The men also raid Uzuki’s house, the Shima family.
Uzuki is raped in her room, and her bed is soaked in the smell of men and their cum.

The development continues, and Uzuki’s body has come to accept excretion enemas as well.

One day, Uzuki is called to a room in an apartment by a man.
This is the first time I’ve ever seen a woman’s body like that.

Play content
-Mother and daughter having a parent-child bowl
-Jeopardy Day Cum Inside Seeding

■Number of pages
Main text monochrome 34P
Cover color 2P

It’s one of the PerfectLesson series.
You don’t need to know the other works to enjoy this one.


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