【blueboy】Nozomu Icons Web graphics [Sweets2].

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Title:Nozomu Icons Web graphics [Sweets2].
Release date:2019/12/22

[Nozomu Icons [Sweets 2]]]
Contains: 20 illustrations – 69 icons including differences + dot icons
Size: 200×200, 400×400 Dot icon size: 24×24
Format :PNG file

Sweets icons that can be used for game production.
You can use it for various contents.
Contains illustration icons and corresponding dot icons.

[Terms of Use]
-Free works, commercial works, and R18 works.
-For use in game production, SNS icons, personal goods, etc.
-Processing or modification of the material.
-Sale of games created using the materials.
-Use of materials for team production.
-We do not require that the creator be listed in the credits.

-Sale of goods using the material.
-Reprinting, distribution or sale of the material itself.
-Secondary distribution and sale of processed materials.
-Falsification of authorship.
-After purchase, there will be no refund of fees.


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