【Airlcx / Mao Enokizu】Episode1] Yuri’s Past

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Title:Episode1] Yuri’s Past
Maker:Airlcx / Mao Enokizu
Release date:2019/12/25
Genre:Impressive, femalepointofview, series, Binaural/Damihe, masterandservant, lily

This is the mansion of Reina Ayanokoji, daughter of the chancellor of Aerix Academy.
Yuri Kageyama, a servant dressed in a maid’s uniform, works diligently here.

One holiday morning, Yuri meets a cat in the garden of the mansion.
In a different atmosphere than usual, Yuri quietly confided in the cat about her past, which she had never told anyone.
[You are cute too, but the best for me is]

The heroine of this story is Yuri Kageyama.
She’s a cool beauty who was a sub-heroine in the first two games in the series.
The story of Yuri and Reina’s encounter, which has never been described before, is finally revealed.
Please look forward to it!

[Characters](honorifics omitted)
Yuri Kageyama
cv:Mao Enokizu
A girl who lives in the house and acts as Reina’s caretaker. She is always calm and collected, but has a twisted love for Reina, and is hostile to anyone who gets close to her.
In the house, she wears a maid’s uniform.

[Track content]
01_One day
02_The meeting of fate
03. Sparkling everyday life
04. Two people seeking each other
05. Ending
06. Extra
Voice comment from Mao Enokizu as Yuri Kageyama right after recording

About 40 minutes in total

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High-resolution sound source wav 48kHz/24bit
Some KU 100 binaural recordings

影山夕莉cv:Mao Enokizu
Scenario:Nekoma Shigura
Planning: Aerix

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