【Yuzuki Sisters / Rin Yuzuki】Eero Vtuber Rin Yuzuki’s Christmas Limited Edition Eero-Ero Santa Assortment

[Ranking]24 Hours:#6, 7 Days:#45
Title:Eero Vtuber Rin Yuzuki’s Christmas Limited Edition Eero-Ero Santa Assortment
Maker:Yuzuki Sisters / Rin Yuzuki
Release date:2019/12/24
Genre:Fetish, binaural/damihe, masturbation, Fellatio, Rape, EarLicking, WorksbyVtubersthemselves

First things first.

Thank you for always loving me, Rin Yuzuki!
If you’ve found me for the first time, I hope you’ll love me from now on!

Episode 3
[What? Santa, this is a sex toy…?]
Rin is looking forward to seeing Santa on Christmas.
I thought I was asking for a stuffed animal, but I received an adult toy.

At first she was embarrassed, but she couldn’t resist her interest and used the toy.
You find yourself falling in love with a toy and can’t stop playing with it.

I was made to serve Santa’s mouth shut by a screwed-up girl.

One night, Rin, dressed as Santa, sneaks into a boy’s house to deliver presents.
However, Rin, the clumsy Santa Claus, is so tired that she unexpectedly dozes off.

Then a boy catches sight of her and makes her perform a sex act to keep her quiet.


I’ve been working on this for a while now.
I’ve been served, raped, had adult toys delivered to me…

This is the work that I wanted to create for you to experience an extraordinary space that doesn’t happen at Christmas.
Please spend a happy Christmas with Rin, who is full of domme elements.

The content of the work
There are 4 scenes in total.
Ear licking, blowjobs, rape, masturbation, anal licking, hand jobs, and more.
This time, it comes with 5 special bonus images for purchasers!
This is a Christmas special, so be sure to get it!

[TRACK1] I’ll be Santa and make everyone’s requests come true(27:13)
I’m going to be Santa, and I’m going to ask for everyone’s requests, but I’m going to be stuck with all the sexy wishes.
I wonder if I can listen to everyone’s requests well…?

“Anal, you mean asshole, right?

I’ve never licked that part before.
Genre / Ear Licking / Nipple Licking / Anal Licking / Hand Job

[TRACK2] Santa Claus is forced to serve to keep his mouth shut! (21:29)
This is the first time I’ve been able to do this.
In exchange for keeping it a secret, I was forced to perform a service.

[What? I’m not going to tell you, but I’m going to lick your cock.]
Genre / Service / Blowjob / Deep Throating

[TRACK3] I was suddenly raped by the long-awaited Santa Claus. (19:19)
(19:19) [TRACK3] I was suddenly raped by the long awaited Santa Claus. (19:19)
(19:19) Was it Santa Claus?
[hahahahaha! Who is it? No! No, please! Somebody…]
Genre / Rape / Anal / Kissing / Clitoris

[TRACK4]I asked for a stuffed animal, but an adult toy arrives~(18:55)
I asked Santa for a stuffed animal, but he sent me an adult toy…
Santa, I’m still an infant, okay? But… this looks nice… can I use it?

“…but this shape doesn’t look like a stuffed animal…

It’s an adult toy, isn’t it?
Genre / Adult Toys / Vibrators / Masturbation

It’s about 1 hour and 30 minutes in total.

I hope you will spend your first Christmas with me!


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