【DreamLight/Shuri Yuzuki】Holy Eve’s Beauty Salon ♪ – Be cooler for Christmas!

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Title:Holy Eve’s Beauty Salon ♪ – Be cooler for Christmas!
Maker:DreamLight/Shuri Yuzuki
Release date:2019/12/23
Genre:healing, Binaural/Damihe, ASMR, HandJob, earlicking

“If you get a treatment at [Eve’s Beauty Salon] on your big day, Eve, your wish may come true."

Have you heard of such a rumor?
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.
If you are going to see your loved one or loved ones, please go to Eve’s Beauty Salon to get your treatment!

May your wishes come true.

I hope your wish comes true.

The city is bustling with activity before Christmas.
I’m going to see the person I love tomorrow, Christmas Eve.
I don’t know if my feelings will be conveyed.

I put my hand on my chest, which is filled with worry and some anticipation.
I took a deep breath.
Then I heard the voices of office workers on their way home from work.

[Hey, hey, do you know Eve’s Beauty Salon?]
[I don’t know what that is!]
[I heard that if you go to the salon on your big day, Eve, your wish might come true!]
[Wow! But tomorrow is Christmas Eve, right? But it’s Christmas Eve, isn’t it?]
[Oh, maybe. Too bad.]

Eve’s Beauty Salon.
I think I saw a hair salon like that on my way home.
I think those ladies are right, it’s already closed at this hour.

It’s on the way home, so I’ll take a peek.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.
The rumors about the office workers may only be jinxes, but they are better than nothing.

When I was thinking about this, it suddenly started to rain.


I walked a long way.
Fortunately I had a folding umbrella with me, so I didn’t get too wet.

Finally, I arrived at a hair salon with a sign that stylishly said “Eve’s Hair Salon.
It’s still raining like crazy.

I sighed and struggled with my depressed mood.
A beautiful blue-haired woman came running towards me from inside the store.

[Good evening.
It’s raining like crazy, and it was sunny until noon.
Ugh, cold…]

Are you Eve?

[hmm? I’m Eve.
Oh, would you like to have your hair done at my salon, by any chance?] [

I nodded deeply, and Eve smiled gorgeously.

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I’m a bit of a stickler.

This is a great way to make sure you get the most out of your time with us.
For those who are just starting to listen to ASMR, or for those who have never listened to our audio before, you can listen to it here.
If you are new to ASMR or have never listened to our audio before, please give it a try.

In addition to ASMR such as shampoo, blow cut, ear massage, etc.
Ear licking and ear licking hand job.

It’s all about sound, so check out the demo version to see for yourself.

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Main story]48min33sec
-Tr01 I’ll make you cooler!
-Tr02 Maybe being a hairdresser is my calling.
-Tr03 With ear massage.

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CV(Eve):Akari Yuzuki

BGM(Music Box):OtoLogic

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聖夜のイヴの美容室♪~クリスマスに向けて、もっとかっこよくなってくださいね♪~ [DreamLight]

Eve CV Akari Yuzuki

A hairdresser at [Eve’s Beauty Salon].

When you get a treatment at Eve’s Beauty Salon on your big day, Eve…
It is said that if you get a haircut at Eve’s Beauty Salon on your big day, your wish may come true. It is said.

I like that jinx, and
I always try my best to make my treatment fun.

She especially likes to shampoo.
She is always friendly to her customers.

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聖夜のイヴの美容室♪~クリスマスに向けて、もっとかっこよくなってくださいね♪~ [DreamLight]


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