【TOUCHABLE】Climax Ward / Medical Rape Vol2 AVG

[Ranking]24 Hours:#9
Title:Climax Ward / Medical Rape Vol2 AVG
Release date:2019/12/26
Genre:Continuousclimax, Collar/chain/restraint, Training, Restraints, Incest, mechanicalincest

Character introduction
Firefly] CV Ren Haruna
Hotaru is a normal female student who is a little shy and withdrawn, but other than that, she’s pretty normal. One day, she tests positive for “climax addiction" during a medical checkup at school, and is taken away to the isolation facility [Climax Ward]. Although she has never even been with a man, she is subjected to medical mechanical humiliation for diagnosis and treatment, loses her front and back virginity, and is thoroughly trained and developed in sexual sensations.
After the previous film, she spends time as a specimen in the climax ward.

[Ayu: Ayu] CV Yuko Momonoki
Hotaru’s twin sister. She is worried about her sister who has been hospitalized and hasn’t come back, and is looking for a way to see her. She’s somewhat active, has a winning personality, and loves her family.
She follows her sister to the climax ward and participates in the experiments, resulting in her becoming infected with climax addiction.

[Airi Mochizuki:Mochizuki Aili]CV Kiseki Fujinomiya
A nurse in the climax ward. She ends up being [processed] for knowing too many of the facility’s secrets.
A beautiful woman with a cool impression. It’s a great way to get to know the people in your life.

It’s a strange disease that has been spreading slowly since the first case was confirmed about five years ago. Although the route of infection is unknown, the disease is contagious, and when it occurs, the patient is in a constant state of estrus and continues to lust endlessly. It is extremely difficult to treat.
In order to save her sister Hotaru, who is infected with climax addiction and is hospitalized in an isolation facility [climax ward], her twin sister Ayu goes under the gates of the climax ward as a test subject for a clinical trial of a new drug.
It’s a great way to get to know the people in your life.
In the end, she and her sister are swallowed up by the darkness of the facility, as the experiments continue day after day until they faint.
Twin sisters at the mercy of climax addiction. And a nurse who begins to realize the reality of the facility.
The climax that awaits them! Climax! Continuous climax!
The theme of the film is medical experiments with experimental machines, and the entire film is about climax machinism!
This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing.

This work is a completely new scenario to the Climax Ward 2 CG collection (RJ214919), with five CGs of new characters added as additional scenarios, and reconstructed as an AVG for Windows.


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