【Singing Bell / Rin Seto】A story from Koiai Shrine

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Title:A story from Koiai Shrine
Maker:Singing Bell / Rin Seto
Release date:2019/12/23
Genre:Series, possession, Occult


Ren Manami and Fuuka Toki are best friends, the one and only.
They are usually ordinary college girls who attend a university in Tokyo, but in fact, they have a secret they can’t tell anyone.
It is the ability to see demons, non-human beings.

However, they were not two people who cared about that on a daily basis.

In the past, I have been involved in a number of so-called “demon conflicts," which is a kind of skirmish between people and demons.
Because I am fed up with being associated with such beings.

For Manami, demons are people who take the form of humans and have mysterious powers.

For Fuka, demons are a symbol of the hatred that caused her to create an abhorrent past.

It’s also a great way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your vacation.
The two of them have an unspoken agreement to just ignore its existence.

Manami and Fuuka are, in a word, two uneven people.

The former is the yang who lives a life of innocence, while the latter is the yin who is not good at socializing.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

Today, the two of them were going on an expedition to a certain sightseeing spot on their day off.

[–I hear voices]

There, they met a girl named Konoma, a [self-proclaimed] evil spirit.


This is a sequel and gaiden to [Natsukashino Kakera].
A story about people and demons, unspoken feelings, loneliness, and bonds.
A story so small that for someone else, it’s only a mouthful.
But for them, it’s a big story that can’t be finished.

The key word of the singing bell, [漸], may or may not come into play.


1 Evil Spirit Konoma 12:38

2Wandering through the bell ringing forest18:50

The person and the demon of the Sanrin shrine14:41

4 (theme song) singing and getting drunk on the bell04:07

Total 50:17

I’ve been working on this for a while now:

Cast :

Ren Manami (CV Rin Seto)
Fuuka Toki (CV Kaede Sawahata)

Konoma (CV Hayakawa Ai)
Suzunaki(CV Kaede Sawahata)

Tamashi no Onna (CV Hayakawa Ai)
Ukami(CV Suna Kumoi)

Theme song [Drunk on the singing bell]:

Song: Konoma, Suznaki


Lyrics:Suna Kumoi



Music :


Sound Effects :

Sound Effects Lab
On-Jin ~Soundjin
Free Sound Effects

Planning & Scriptwriting:

Cloudy Sand


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