【Whisp / Misuzu Fu-ring】[Flirting double ear scratching ear licking][JK twin reflex! ~[JK Twins Reflex! ~I’m sorry.]

[Ranking]24 Hours:#10
Title:[Flirting double ear scratching ear licking][JK twin reflex! ~[JK Twins Reflex! ~I’m sorry.]
Maker:Whisp / Misuzu Fu-ring
Release date:2019/12/24
Genre:Moe, Binaural/Damihe, ASMR, Earwax, handjob, earlicking

Just join ci-en to get a silver membership upgrade ticket for a whisp 50% off coupon.
You will receive an automatic message when you join.

The sound quality has been further improved with the introduction of high quality microphones [NEUMANN KU100]!
Super enhanced ear licking sound!
We have improved the sound so that it can reach deep into the ear, and the sound has a more sealed and three-dimensional feel!

[Take a walk with us today, and relax a lot!]

You have met up with JK Reflex at a family restaurant.
Today you will [take a walk] in many places with the twins.
In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the point of this work?

【いちゃいちゃダブル耳かき耳舐め】『JK双子リフレ! ~癒しのおさんぽ&ちょっぴりエッチなマッサージ?~』 [Whisp]

-Part 1
Full of whispering sex! The scenario is composed of only healing and eros.
With tickling SEs that reach into your ears and deep into your head.
Please enjoy the sexy whispers that echo between your legs.

-Part 2

Situations that make full use of the highest quality binaural microphone [NEUMANN KU100]!
Thorough ear torture, using the best microphones available!
Ear scratching and ear licking SE is more 3D and closer.
Whispers and breaths feel warm and tantalizing, just like the real thing!

Heroine Introduction

【いちゃいちゃダブル耳かき耳舐め】『JK双子リフレ! ~癒しのおさんぽ&ちょっぴりエッチなマッサージ?~』 [Whisp]

Yume Mizuna
CV Kano Ichika

A sister who is a beginner in JK reflexology.
She is a pure child with a positive attitude and knows little about sex.

Mizuna White
CV Misuzu Fu-ring

The younger sister of JK Reflex veteran.
She has an easygoing personality like a friend. She sometimes plays pranks on her customers.


1 [Meeting up with the twins at a diner](03:01)
[Hmmm…smells good. I like hamburgers in family restaurants…] [
[Thank you for using JK Reflex – Osanpo Mode].
[Let’s have lots of fun together today…]]

2 [A walk in the park and a lap pillow face massage](13min 15sec)
“There you go, sir. Squeeze my hand. …… Let’s walk like lovers.

[Outside, listening to the sound of the waves, with JK on my lap. A light massage…] [
[My thighs are fluffy, it’s not good.]

3 [Double ear scratching with a sense of freedom outside](14:56)
“Double ear buds, left and right at the same time.

[Putting a cotton swab in your mouth and chucking it].
[JK’s double ear scratching seems to be working quite well].

4 [Lover’s ear licking in a footbath](27min 12sec)
“The customer and we stare at each other and make out like …… lovers.

[Flirting Lover Double Ear Licking]] [
[I want to make Darin feel more comfortable. I want to make Darin feel more comfortable. Mmm, chuckle]

5 [A special massage at karaoke that the store is not told about](26min 18sec)
[A healthy massage to soften the crotch that has been poked and prodded].
[I’ll put my hand inside your pants…]
“Do you feel good when a JK massages your crotch?

6 [Two JKs in the bath, pressure point massage smata] (26min 14sec)
“………… men’s bodies look like this ……………….

[Hips moving, crotch, and arms raging].
[My penis is amazing! I can’t believe it.]

7 [Snuggling and sleeping with twins](10:43)
I’m going to take a nap here. I’ll just take a nap here later.]
[I’m really sleepy, really sleepy.]
[I had to work, but wow, it’s like we were really on a date]

Specs – Staff

【いちゃいちゃダブル耳かき耳舐め】『JK双子リフレ! ~癒しのおさんぽ&ちょっぴりエッチなマッサージ?~』 [Whisp]

[recording environment]
To be recorded with high quality dummy head microphone [NEUMANN / KU100]
It is recommended to use headphones or earphones to watch the video.
This is a binaural recording.

[Recording time]
Total 8 tracks: Total recording time 02 hours 01 minutes

File Format]
WAV:96kHz / 24Bit high-resolution sound quality
MP3:44.1kHz / 256kbps
High resolution illustration & text included

Misuzu Fu-ring
Kano Ichika

Hemp leaves

encounter and strange performance


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