【Signal Cherry】A trip to the hot springs for lovemaking and sex with my junior girlfriend

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Title:A trip to the hot springs for lovemaking and sex with my junior girlfriend
Maker:Signal Cherry
Release date:2021/04/24
Genre:Boobs, ASMR, senior/junior, earcandling, lovers, Creampie


[wow! It’s so beautiful~!]

You are on a hot spring trip with your girlfriend, a junior in college.
The younger girl found out that I had been working hard at my part-time job every day for this trip.

[To be honest, I fell in love with her all over again.]

He scratches my ears to relieve the fatigue I’ve been feeling.
After that, we were enjoying the usual flirting, but the flirting got more and more heated up

Enjoy a little (a lot?) naughty flirting with my junior girlfriend! Please enjoy a little (very?) naughty flirting with my junior girlfriend with your ears!

And I’m more concerned about the “ear scratching sound" than any other work so far.

It’s a great way to get a good night’s sleep, so please give it a listen!

Character introduction

後輩彼女とイチャラブセックス温泉旅行 [Signal Cherry]

Junko-chan (cv Otokura Yui)

A junior in college, one year younger than you.
She teases you as a senior, but she also cares about you.
He speaks respectfully, but when he’s not in the mood, he uses a sarcastic tone.
He’s happy that you’re working hard for him, but he’s a little sad that he doesn’t get to spend more time with you.

Points of persistence

What’s your favorite part?
In the story, there is a scene where the heroine, a junior, has her ears scratched.
In addition to ear scratching, you can also enjoy the flirting with your junior-chan, such as Brahma and ear blowing, with ear scratching.
It also has a restful effect on sleep, so try listening to it while you sleep!

H Scene
This is the first time I’ve used this site, and I’m really looking forward to it.
Please enjoy the work with the realistic [sound].

In addition to the main story data, 2 wallpapers and 2 differences of the jacket illustration are included in the package!
The screen size is suitable for smartphones and tablets, so please try setting it as your wallpaper after listening to the main story!

Special bonus

後輩彼女とイチャラブセックス温泉旅行 [Signal Cherry]

This piece comes with
(1) Sound source data for this film
(2) Wallpaper jacket illustration without logo
(3)Wallpaper jacket illustration difference 1
(4)Wallpaper jacket illustration difference 2
The following four data are included in the package.

Special bonusである壁紙ジャケットイラストは、スマホやタブレットのサイズにピッタリなので是非ダウンロードしてみて下さい!

Track List

  • A trip to a hot spring just for the two of us
  • I’ll scratch your ears!
  • Would you like to take a bath with me?
  • Let’s have lovemaking on the futon.
  • Please wake up, senpai!
  • Total time

Cast and crew

Voice actor: Ms. Yui Otokura

Illustration: Mr. Choya

Planning and Scenario: Shindo Jun

Planning and editing: Yukine Ayato

Logo – Design: Bolt

Production/Copyright: SignalCherry


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