【Honey sandwich】Fox Shinobi Demon Den Konoha Chinese Version

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Title:Fox Shinobi Demon Den Konoha Chinese Version
Maker:Honey sandwich
Release date:2019/10/18
Genre:boobs, History/periodicals, lascivious, Ponytail, animalears, Bigtits/bigtits

The current version is 122.


This is a story about a fledgling demon ninja named [Konoha] who suddenly disappears.
In order to take over his predecessor’s duties, he and his companion, a talking fox named Ponkichi, visit a rural town.

The request is to exterminate the [big demon] born in the demon’s cave.

But the place was filled with a nasty miasma of lewdness.

Game Contents

In this game, a proud fox ninja girl falls for a man’s schemes.
A roguelike style short RPG about a proud fox ninja girl who falls for a man’s schemes and is corrupted into a lecherous slut.] [

Basic CGs : 19 / Differences : 270+ ( Not including the basic standing pictures )

Play time : 2 to 3 hours

There is no game over in the dungeon except for the boss battle.

This game is mainly interpersonal, but also includes situations such as cross-dressing.

( Other systems )

-EASY/VERYEASY mode available.
-Achievement system available
-With branching endings
-There is a reminiscence room
-with message skip and auto mode


We recommend that you play the trial version before purchasing in order to confirm operation.
Please note that the saved data of the trial version cannot be transferred to the full version.

There is a possibility that the contents may be replaced due to bug fixes or version upgrades.
Please register as a member before purchasing so that you can re-download.

This game is an RPG Tucool MV game.

This work has duplicated contents with [Fox Shinobi Demon Den Konoha(RJ236224)].


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